Recommended reading

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Over the years there’s quite a number of books I have recommended to audiences at keynotes, talks and training courses. Quite often people have asked me for a list of recommended reading. It’s about time that I create this list and put it on my website. So here it is – in an unordered list. Robert C. Martin – Agile […]

Microservices talk at GeeCon Prague 2016

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Was happy to do a highly entertaining (according to a nice attendee) talk on my personal experience in microservices over the past three years at the GeeCon Prague 2016 conference. Got really great feedback (best show at the conference) and many, many intersting questions. Thanks guys! Anyway, here’s the slidedeck for my talk. If you have additional questions, please send […]

Microsoft TechDays (The Hague, The Netherlands. October 2016)

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After an absence of two year (have done Java inbetween) I’m returning to the Microsoft TechDays. This time I’m doing two talks. One about beyond agile titled Beyond Breaking Bad, and a talk titled Thirty Months of Microservices, discussing the experiences I’ve had over the last thirty months regarding microservices and continuous delivery. See more at: