Monoliths, microservices and boiling frogs

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Microservices is a hot topic. There is a plethora of opinions, conference talks and blog posts about microservices. I started doing microservices myself three-and-a-half years ago, when I was designing a system for an insurance company. Since then I have done many talks on the topic, published articles and presented training courses. Usually, I ask my attendees if they have […]

Features en kwaliteit

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Stel. Je wordt wakker met een goed idee. Je pakt je laptop en begint te programmeren in de taal die je het beste ligt. Visual Basic for Applications. PHP. Javascript. Niet heel veel later is je applicatie klaar. Je toont de applicatie aan een vriend wiens probleem ermee is opgelost. Je eerste tevreden klant is binnen. Vervolgens geef je her […]

Verplicht leuk doen

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Verplicht leuk doen Enkele maanden geleden had een goede vriend een kennismakingsgesprek bij een gerenommeerde webwinkel. Het grotendeels blauw ingerichte kantoorpand viel op. Vrijwel alles was gelabeld. De koelkast, de snoepautomaat, de koffieautomaat. Als een aanleunflat van een Alzheimer-patient. Maar er was meer. Alle labels werden ook nog eens begeleid door kwieke one-liners. Allemaal onder het motto: kijk eens hoe […]

Agile beyond refinements

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Even though the year is still young and still cold, I have already presented two training courses. One on microservices for a transportation company. And one on agile for teachers at a high school who want to adopt agile techniques to their classes. Although the topics were quite different, attendees at both courses had a similar background in doing agile: […]

Recommended reading

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Over the years there’s quite a number of books I have recommended to audiences at keynotes, talks and training courses. Quite often people have asked me for a list of recommended reading. It’s about time that I create this list and put it on my website. So here it is – in an unordered list. Robert C. Martin – Agile […]

Microservices talk at GeeCon Prague 2016

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Was happy to do a highly entertaining (according to a nice attendee) talk on my personal experience in microservices over the past three years at the GeeCon Prague 2016 conference. Got really great feedback (best show at the conference) and many, many intersting questions. Thanks guys! Anyway, here’s the slidedeck for my talk. If you have additional questions, please send […]

Microsoft TechDays (The Hague, The Netherlands. October 2016)

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After an absence of two year (have done Java inbetween) I’m returning to the Microsoft TechDays. This time I’m doing two talks. One about beyond agile titled Beyond Breaking Bad, and a talk titled Thirty Months of Microservices, discussing the experiences I’ve had over the last thirty months regarding microservices and continuous delivery. See more at:

CodeMotion Dublin (Dublin, Ireland. September 2016)

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Have done a few CodeMotion conferences before, this time I will deliver a talk titled Thirty Months of Microservices, discussing the experiences I’ve had over the last thirty months regarding microservices and continuous delivery. See more at: Note: unfortunately the conference has been delayed until Spring 2017.

Yes, microservices implies a distributed system

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In September 2016 I will do the closing keynote for SwanseaCon in Swansea, Wales. Although my talk will evaluate agile after twenty years, InfoQ interviewed me preceeding the conference on one of my other favorite topis, microservices. Here’s the answers to InfoQ’s questions. InfoQ: What are the biggest problems that organizations have with monolithic software products? Monolithical systems, written in […]