Agile SAP?

It’s half past five as I enter city hall in Rijswijk. I’m due at the Bouwstenenfabriek of the Department of Defence, which resides on the 9th and 10th floor. Invited along some Capgemini hot shots to give an inspiring presentation on innovative software development. At a practice meeting of one of our ASP practices. How about that.

I always considered SAP a different world, but during this energetic evening SAP developers appear to execute software development projects, much like we do. So my talk on where the agile methodology Smart comes from, how it combines with smart use cases, how we plugged in frameworks and code generation, is followed by an increasingly enthusiastic group of developers. Moreover, people became actually interested to use the agile techniques as we use them, including smart use cases and our agile dashboards.

Luc wrapping upDuring wrap up Luc Bartkowski investigated several of the ideas that came up during the sessions. One of them was his own: invite Sander to help apply agile software development in SAP projects. I for one sure would love to apply smart use case modeling to describing high level requirements in such projects, allowing smart estimation to calculate not only the size of regular software development projects, business intelligence projects but also SAP, all using the same unit of work. How about that!