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Spent this morning with a customer in Utrecht modeling a form-based business process in smart use cases. Customer (and end users) happy. # Cool! You can see our house on Google Street View (and even our cars). # RT @scottgu ".. been doing a really focused perf push on VS10 the last few weeks and have seen a significant […]

My weekly thoughts on Twitter

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Have a look inside Microsoft's Labs! # Cool. ROM Update for my HTC Touch Diamond 2 to Windows Phone 6.5 is available. # Stuck in traffic on my way to visit customer in Amsterdam. Will take train tomorrow. # Spent half the morning circling Amsterdam because all those "lovely" little streets were blocked – construction workers / street […]

My weekly thoughts on Twitter

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Preparing my slides for my talk on Wednesday at the Landelijk Architectuur Congres #LAC2009. # RT: @brada: RT @haacked My team (ASP.NET) is looking for another Program Manager. >> Cool job! Too bad it's in Redmond # Just bought Nirvana – Live at Reading #MyMusic. # Now back to my slide deck for Thursday's whole day seminar on […]

My weekly thoughts on Twitter

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Just registered for PDC. good time. missed the queue. #pdc09 # Now at Sony Pictures Studio to meet with colleague Scott van Vliet. # Enjoying the sunset at Venice Beach, California. # Off to Santa Monica to have a drink with @stevieannmusic, who is recording her new album here in LA. # Enjoyed a very pleasant evening in Santa Monica […]

My weekly thoughts on Twitter

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Pfff. Barely got on the train to Schiphol. On my way to TechEd Berlin. #tee09 # It's cold in Berlin. On my way to the Berlin Messe for the TechEd keynote. #tee09 # Located the press room. bothing there except coffee.. #tee09 # Hey. There's no Oslo room at the TechEd. # Incredible long queue for the keynote. and […]

My weekly thoughts on Twitter

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Copy & Paste. # On my way to the Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam to do 3 lectures on software estimation, architecture and frameworks. # One lecture done, two to go. Quiet audience these IT auditors. # Explained dependency injection to group of IT auditors. How's that for a challenge? # RT @tbroek: "RT @rvdkimmenade: Blog item on SOA Symposium 2009: […]

My weekly thoughts on Twitter

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Observer pattern implemented in .NET 4.0 base class libraries through IObservable interface. # Finally done preparing slides for tomorrow's 3 lectures at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. Many subjects. Software development overview # Now using IntenseDebate's comments system on my blog. Looks great! See for example # Not sure why, but if I email my status to HelloTxt […]

My weekly thoughts on Twitter

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On my way to #SDC2009 at Papendal, Arnhem do 3 talks. Extension methods, Silverlight & .NET RIA, smart use cases. # Did my talk on extension methods in .NET this morning at #SDC2009. Went well. # Did my talk on code generation for Silverlight, .NET RIA Services, Entity Framework from UML (using Tobago) this afternoon at #SDC2009. # Watched introduction […]

Homesourcing [in Dutch]

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Omdat de grijzende stewardessen van Air Canada op de nachtvlucht van Honolulu naar Sydney nu eenmaal niet de Volkskrant rondbrengen, besluit ik genoegen te nemen met de Herald Tribune. Direct valt mijn oog op een bericht linksonder op de voorpagina. Het artikel wordt geflankeerd door een foto van een Indiër in strak pak, met dito stropdas en dito kantoor op […]


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In the beginning in November, I was in Barcelona. Apart from the fact that the Microsoft TechEd took place there, Barcelona is obviously in itself a landmark. One of my favorite places in the metropolis is the Sagrada Familia, the famous temple by Antoni Gaudi. Frequently used as a metaphor for colossal and never ending type of software development projects […]

Implementing value objects in C#

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Earlier this year I wrote an article on how to implement value objects (as mentioned by Martin Fowler en Eric Evans in their books, respectively Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture and Domain Driven Design). It appeared in English in International Developer Magazine (from Australia), and was later translated into German to appear in ObjectSPECTRUM. Finally it now also features in […]

Naming use cases smart

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While modeling use cases, and in particular smart use cases, clear naming conventions can emphasis the meaning of your use cases more clearly. In general In general you might say that a use case expresses a particular action that is executed by one or more actors. Therefore it is considered good practice to name your use case after the action […]


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Under normal circumstances Barcelona is a lovely city, where beatiful dark-haired and dark-eyed girls parade the small streets of Barri Gotic and El Raval, and tapas bars are overcrowded by locals and tourists trying to act as locals. But not this week. This week the conglomerate of Microsoft and Glasgow Rangers supporters pollutes the pavings. The latter are easy recognizable […]

Eliminate waste [in Dutch]

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Vlak voor mijn zomervakatie werd ik gebeld door collega Rob, een business consultant. “Jij moet eens met de CIO van mijn klant praten,” zegt hij. “Die is bezig om zijn hele IT-organisatie te herstructureren.” Even is het stil. Rob bouwt de spanning genadeloos op. “Hij past daarbij de lean principles van Toyota toe,” vervolgt hij, ”en die sluiten volgens mij […]

Why Prison Break is agile

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Being in a hotel room a lot sure helps you keep up with televsion shows you would otherwise skip withour remorse, for instance talk shows. Zapping through the channels I stumbled upon a stupifying interview with the Australian actor Dominic Purcell who plays one of the main characters in the television series Prison Break, that, to be quite honest, I’ve […]


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Het is warm in de RAI als ik de zaal betreedt waar ik mijn verhaal over project anti-patterns ga vertellen. Het is verreweg de minst technische presentatie tijdens de Microsoft DevDays 2006 en ik verwacht dan ook een handjevol mensen. Een eerste blik in de zaal doet echter anders vermoeden. Er staan ruim driehonderdvijftig stoelen opgesteld. En dat voor een […]

Mail me about my driving

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On the highway on my way to Meppel to visit a customer, I passed a truck. A yellow truck. From Gentbrugge, Belgium. Although I hardly ever read the signs on trucks, passing this truck it immediately caught my eye. On the back of the truck a clear sign stated: mail me about my driving, followed by an email address, of […]

Does software architecture conflict with agile principles?

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Earlier this week I had a long talk with Silvain, the software architects / lead developer on one of our agile projects – being executed using the Smart methodology (see links below). Silvain is concerned about the quality of the software architecture in his agile project. His project is implementing a large number (over 50) work processes and associated forms […]

Agile SAP?

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It’s half past five as I enter city hall in Rijswijk. I’m due at the Bouwstenenfabriek of the Department of Defence, which resides on the 9th and 10th floor. Invited along some Capgemini hot shots to give an inspiring presentation on innovative software development. At a practice meeting of one of our ASP practices. How about that. I always considered […]