What is agile architecture anyway? The red pill and the blue pill

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Having coached many teams, projects and organizations on both software architecture and agile, one of the questions I’ve been asked a lot over the past fifteen years is: what is agile architecture?  Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to this question. There is no simple truth out there. What agile architecture really is considered to be is different from organization […]

Microservices Q&A

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In September I will run a masterclass on microservices at Luxoft in Moscow, Russia, see www.luxoft-training.ru/master-class/sander. In preparation of this masterclass, here’s a short Q & A on microservices. Is it worth applying microservices? Q: In your article Microservices. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly you described different aspects of development. Readers may think that using a microservices architecture […]

Software Development 2020 (Breda, Netherlands. June 2015. Keynote)

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At this event, organised by the Avans Hogeschool in Breda in the Netherlands I will do the opening keynote, most likely with my talk Microservices. The good, the bad and the ugly. Micro-services and micro-services architecture are the next hype in software development. Websites and blogs are full of introducing posts, the first books are being written and the first […]

Future of Project Management. PMI Chapter Event (Breda, Netherlands. April 2015)

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During a lively evening in a room full of project managers, I tried to explain how agile is changing the role of project management in software development, and I even went as far as to to claim that the project metaphor isn’t really well suited for software development. My talk was titled Challenging The Future of Agile. I look back […]

DevWeek (London, UK. March 2015)

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DevWeek is the UK’s leading developer conference returns with more content than ever before, featuring more than 100 breakout sessions and 23 full-day workshops. Last year I did the keynote, this year I did two sessions. The first session was titled Individuals and interactions over proce$$e$ and fools and the second was a hands-on coding session titled Introducing and extending […]

Krakow, Poland. June 18, 2015. Introduction to agile, Scrum, and Kanban (open workshop)

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This open one-day intense hands-on workshop is the first in a series of training courses in the Agile Academy, organized by PMI Chapter Poland. This is a full day workshop presenting a real-life introduction to agile, Scrum and Kanban. During this highly interactive and successful one-day workshop participants experience why waterfall won’t work and what it means to be in […]

Iasi, Rumania. June 5, 2015. Designing, developing and deploying a microservices architecture

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On June 5, 2015 I will present a full-day masterclass on microservice architecture in the series of Software Architecture Day in Iasi, Rumania. The development and maintenance of monoliths presents organizations with increasing challenges, resulting in high costs and a slow time-to-market. More and more organizations are therefore attempting to componentize their applications. The latest and greatest paradigm microservices finally […]

A programmer’s mind explained (to project managers)

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Earlier last week I was trying to refactor around two thousands lines of code, optimistically being convinced that the component could offer the exact same functionality in less than two hundred lines. My refactoring was an intuitive step-by-step process that involved creativity and a lot of concentration. Happily working on my code I slowly got into the zone, a happy […]

Hilversum, Netherlands. April 29, 2015. Designing, building and deploying microservices (Adept Events).

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On April 29, I will present a half-day seminar explaining techniques for designing, building and deploying microservices in an enterprise environment. The seminar will have many practical hints & tips, and will show many useful modeling and code examples. This seminar has an open registration. Read more at: Power session microservices.

Diegem, Belgium. April 22-23, 2015. Pragmatic modeling with UML and smart use cases (IT Works)

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On April 22 and 23I will conduct a two-day training workshop on modeling with UML and smart use cases for IT Works at Golden Tulip Brussels Airport in Diegem, Belgium. The workshop will have many hands-on exercises, and will be presented in English.     This workshop has an open registration. Read more at: Pragmatic modeling with UML and smart […]

Hilversum, Netherlands. April 15-16, 2015. Pragmatic modeling with UML and smart use cases (Adept Events)

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On April 15 and 16 I will conduct a two-day training workshop on modeling with UML and smart use cases for Adept Events at Hotel Lapershoek in Hilversum. The workshop will have many hands-on exercises, and will be presented in Dutch.     This course has an open registration. Read more at: Modelleren met Use-Cases en UML.

Scaling Agile For The Enterprise (Brussels, Belgium. January 2015)

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Brussels, Belgium. January 2015. The Agile Consortium Belgium organized a nice one-day event around scaling agile for the enterprise, mainly discussing enterprise agile frameworks such as SAFe, LeSS and DAD, with presenters such as Dean Leffingwell and Mark Limes. As an alternative to these heavyweight frameworks, I did a talk on how to build agile from the ground up, discussing […]

This Is Agile

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Sander Hoogendoorn does not shy away from the complexity of how real work gets done in an enterprise, yet he addresses these complexities with breathtaking simplicity, speaking with the off-hand authority and confidence of someone who has spent many years with his sleeves rolled up, elbow-deep in the day-to-day world of enterprise agile. Here you won’t find ivory-tower musings on […]

My weekly thoughts on Twitter

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New entry " Weekly digest of week 53 2009 / 2010: A happy 2010 for you all! Thi.. http://bit.ly/8TNPq5 " on Capping IT Off. # Pfff. Took me 1/2 day but restored connection to VPN again. Cisco AnyConnect 2.3 does not work on Windows 7. So back to previous utility. # Uninstalled Cisco VPN Client 5.0.3 and installed Cisco VPN […]

My weekly thoughts on Twitter

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Unsubscribed from Dr. Dobbs Journal. There's too much information to read anyway in the field of software development. # New entry " Weekly digest of week 52 2009: In the last digest of 2009: A look a.. http://bit.ly/4rsmWg " on Capping IT Off. # New entry " Avatar, reuse and model driven software development: Last week my.. http://bit.ly/5StRd0 " on […]

My weekly thoughts on Twitter

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RT @smartusecases. Smart Use Cases FAQ http://bit.ly/53pc9c # The 3 stages of owning a computer. http://htxt.it/OGjn # New entry " Questions on smart use cases. Part III – Stereotypes and minimal us.. http://bit.ly/7XwfdJ " on Capping IT Off. # Spent the morning looking at reusables from our distributed agile .NET projects. Discussed framework upgrades and smart use case metrics. # […]

My weekly thoughts on Twitter

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RT @tweetmeme December 1, 2009. Talk “An introduction to agile SAP SOA” http://bit.ly/84xtlk # Writing on our new CSD division strategy document. Why do I always have trouble with these SharePoint Team Rooms we have? Need to check in. # Order new Jack Johnson live album En Concert. #MyMusic. # Of course I meant orderED (past tense) Jack Johnson… # […]

My weekly thoughts on Twitter

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Spent this morning with a customer in Utrecht modeling a form-based business process in smart use cases. Customer (and end users) happy. # Cool! You can see our house on Google Street View (and even our cars). http://htxt.it/cuyq # RT @scottgu ".. been doing a really focused perf push on VS10 the last few weeks and have seen a significant […]

My weekly thoughts on Twitter

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Have a look inside Microsoft's Labs! http://htxt.it/IORI # Cool. ROM Update for my HTC Touch Diamond 2 to Windows Phone 6.5 is available. http://htxt.it/4sPI # Stuck in traffic on my way to visit customer in Amsterdam. Will take train tomorrow. # Spent half the morning circling Amsterdam because all those "lovely" little streets were blocked – construction workers / street […]

My weekly thoughts on Twitter

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Preparing my slides for my talk on Wednesday at the Landelijk Architectuur Congres #LAC2009. http://htxt.it/PfkM # RT: @brada: RT @haacked My team (ASP.NET) is looking for another Program Manager. http://bit.ly/7CWtZm >> Cool job! Too bad it's in Redmond # Just bought Nirvana – Live at Reading #MyMusic. # Now back to my slide deck for Thursday's whole day seminar on […]

My weekly thoughts on Twitter

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Just registered for PDC. good time. missed the queue. #pdc09 # Now at Sony Pictures Studio to meet with colleague Scott van Vliet. # Enjoying the sunset at Venice Beach, California. # Off to Santa Monica to have a drink with @stevieannmusic, who is recording her new album here in LA. # Enjoyed a very pleasant evening in Santa Monica […]

My weekly thoughts on Twitter

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Pfff. Barely got on the train to Schiphol. On my way to TechEd Berlin. #tee09 # It's cold in Berlin. On my way to the Berlin Messe for the TechEd keynote. #tee09 # Located the press room. bothing there except coffee.. #tee09 # Hey. There's no Oslo room at the TechEd. http://htxt.it/i/maBA # Incredible long queue for the keynote. and […]

My weekly thoughts on Twitter

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Copy & Paste. http://htxt.it/8CZ2 # On my way to the Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam to do 3 lectures on software estimation, architecture and frameworks. # One lecture done, two to go. Quiet audience these IT auditors. # Explained dependency injection to group of IT auditors. How's that for a challenge? # RT @tbroek: "RT @rvdkimmenade: Blog item on SOA Symposium 2009: […]

My weekly thoughts on Twitter

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Observer pattern implemented in .NET 4.0 base class libraries through IObservable interface. http://htxt.it/Ugwe # Finally done preparing slides for tomorrow's 3 lectures at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. Many subjects. Software development overview # Now using IntenseDebate's comments system on my blog. Looks great! See for example http://htxt.it/IycZ # Not sure why, but if I email my status to HelloTxt […]

My weekly thoughts on Twitter

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On my way to #SDC2009 at Papendal, Arnhem do 3 talks. Extension methods, Silverlight & .NET RIA, smart use cases. # Did my talk on extension methods in .NET this morning at #SDC2009. Went well. # Did my talk on code generation for Silverlight, .NET RIA Services, Entity Framework from UML (using Tobago) this afternoon at #SDC2009. # Watched introduction […]

Homesourcing [in Dutch]

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Omdat de grijzende stewardessen van Air Canada op de nachtvlucht van Honolulu naar Sydney nu eenmaal niet de Volkskrant rondbrengen, besluit ik genoegen te nemen met de Herald Tribune. Direct valt mijn oog op een bericht linksonder op de voorpagina. Het artikel wordt geflankeerd door een foto van een Indiër in strak pak, met dito stropdas en dito kantoor op […]


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In the beginning in November, I was in Barcelona. Apart from the fact that the Microsoft TechEd took place there, Barcelona is obviously in itself a landmark. One of my favorite places in the metropolis is the Sagrada Familia, the famous temple by Antoni Gaudi. Frequently used as a metaphor for colossal and never ending type of software development projects […]

Implementing value objects in C#

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Earlier this year I wrote an article on how to implement value objects (as mentioned by Martin Fowler en Eric Evans in their books, respectively Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture and Domain Driven Design). It appeared in English in International Developer Magazine (from Australia), and was later translated into German to appear in ObjectSPECTRUM. Finally it now also features in […]

Naming use cases smart

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While modeling use cases, and in particular smart use cases, clear naming conventions can emphasis the meaning of your use cases more clearly. In general In general you might say that a use case expresses a particular action that is executed by one or more actors. Therefore it is considered good practice to name your use case after the action […]