Mail me about my driving

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On the highway on my way to Meppel to visit a customer, I passed a truck. A yellow truck. From Gentbrugge, Belgium. Although I hardly ever read the signs on trucks, passing this truck it immediately caught my eye. On the back of the truck a clear sign stated: mail me about my driving, followed by an email address, of […]

Does software architecture conflict with agile principles?

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Earlier this week I had a long talk with Silvain, the software architects / lead developer on one of our agile projects – being executed using the Smart methodology (see links below). Silvain is concerned about the quality of the software architecture in his agile project. His project is implementing a large number (over 50) work processes and associated forms […]

Agile SAP?

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It’s half past five as I enter city hall in Rijswijk. I’m due at the Bouwstenenfabriek of the Department of Defence, which resides on the 9th and 10th floor. Invited along some Capgemini hot shots to give an inspiring presentation on innovative software development. At a practice meeting of one of our ASP practices. How about that. I always considered […]