Agile Open Holland (Dieren, Netherlands. November 2011. Keynote)

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On November 3, 2011 I presented the keynote of the Agile Open Holland Conference in Dieren. During this challenging talk I discussed the current state of affairs in agile organizations and projects and the effects of the recent strong rise in popularity of agile approaches. Let’s put it mildly: there’s a lot of work to be done. Death by dogma […]

Capgemini TechEd (Utrecht, Netherlands. March 2011. Keynote)

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[Talk at Capgemini TechEd, March 1 at Capgemini, Papendorp, Utrecht] Due to illness of one of the speakers I did an additional talk at the Capgemini TechEd. I presented my successful talk on software architecture and frameworks, please check the video below, which was shot during the Microsoft TechEd Europe conference in Berlin in November 2010. When it comes to […]

SDN Event (Zeist, Netherlands. March 2011)

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Sander of software architecture, patterns and frameworks. One man, a whiteboard and three markers At conferences, many keynotes and talks using beautiful slide decks cover advanced topics in software architecture, working with specific frameworks or design patterns. This talk will be different. I will not advertise nor bash certain frameworks, nor will I do a lot of name and acronym […]

Centric Event (Zoetermeer, The Netherlands. March 2011. Keynote + talk)

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Will present keynote and some sessions at Centric internal event on agile software development, targeted at project managers, information and business analysts. This talk specifically targets at the role of project management, planning and estimation in agile projects. Topics will include: What is the role of the project manager in agile projects? Does it still exist? Project manager or agile […]

Capgemini TechEd (Utrecht, The Netherlands. November 2011. Keynote)

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Use cases have been around for many years describing the requirements of software development projects. From a developer’s point of view, use cases are often seen as too abstract and too complex to develop code from. Until now, that is. Title: Implementing and unit testing smart use cases During this interactive talk, speaker Sander Hoogendoorn will demonstrate how to model, […]

SDN Event (Zeist, The Netherlands. December 2010)

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[Talk at SDN Event, December 13, Achmea Zeist] To cut to the chase, those of you who have worked on enterprise or service oriented projects already know this. These projects are characterized by a large number of organizational, functional and technically complicating factors, such as many different stakeholders, complex IT landscapes including many web sites, enterprise service busses and SAP […]

Microsoft TechEd Europe (Berlin, Germany. November 2010)

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[Session ARC203-IS at Microsoft TechEd Europe 2010 in Berlin] When it comes to Microsoft .NET-connected development, more and more frameworks are entering the market, both from Microsoft and from open source. Think of ASP.NET MVC, Castle, Windows Workflow Foundation (WF), Entity Framework, Unity, Linq2SQL, ADO.NET Data Services, Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), nHibernate, Spring.NET, CSLA, NUnit, Enterprise Library, MEF or ADF. […]

DevDays (The Hague, Netherlands. April 2010)

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This post was originally published in .NET Magazine. I re-posted it because of the talk I did at Microsoft’s DevDays 2010 in Den Haag recently.  The slides for this talk can be downloaded here. As you’re probably have been made aware of in abundance, in .Net 3.5 Microsoft introduced a little language feature called LINQ. Although LINQ has been demonstrated […]

Landelijk Architectuur Congres (Nieuwegein, Netherlands. November 2009)

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Shaping service oriented projects using smart use cases Landelijk Architectuur Congres 2009, NBC Nieuwegein. As a consequence of a succesful duo-talk at the Integrate Agile conference in the spring, Twan van den Broek (of Ciber) and I where invited to present the same material at the Landelijk Architectuur Congres (LAC 2009), however split into two separate talks. Twan will focus […]