Follow the white rabbit! Exploring custom software development in Sharepoint

This DevTweet column by @mariannerd and @aahoogendoorn is published in SDN Magazine, December 2009. @aahoogendoorn Where are you???? 🙂 @mariannerd I’m here. How was Vegas? @aahoogendoorn #SPC09 was great! Great conference! Good sessions, good speakers and wow… The SharePoint community is enthusiastic! Loved it! @mariannerd So we can finally deliver actual applications on SharePoint? Would it be a good idea […]

Highway to hell? DevTweet: @mariannerd and @aahoogendoorn review code

The following conversation between Marianne and me will be published as our DevTweet column of SDN Magazine, issue 102. Listening to Black Sabbath’s Master of Reality. @aahoogendoorn Look at you… new avatar! Is that an AC/DC shirt? @mariannerd Howdy partner! It is AC/DC all right. Your avatar new too? Something wrong with the old one? @aahoogendoorn Nope, just a change […]