Apeldoorn, The Netherlands. October 5, 2009. Pragmatic model driven development (Capgemini)

Capgemini BAS, Faustlaan, Apeldoorn. With Capgemini BAS joining Capgemini in 2009, some new initiatiaves in model driven development opened up, more particularly, hoping I’ve interpreted it correctly, based on naterual language. I discussed this initiative in June with Freek Bosch, manager of the unit where this natueral langauge based approach originated. During the same inspriing conversation I illustrated the pragmaitc […]

Writing better software faster

Published in my Interesting Things column in SDN Magazine, November 2009. Looking back on twenty years of software development, I must have spent most of that time trying to improve the quality and productivity of software development. Ever since I started to write small applications in Turbo Pascal in 1988 I got infected with the writing-better-software-faster virus. Right after I […]

Pragmatic model driven development. Part I. Code generation scenario’s

Note. This series of posts is also published as a Capgemini group white paper and published in Software Release Magazine (in Dutch, in two parts). With the economy at a low point in time, organizations and project are clearly resetting their goals. Long term multimillion projects are being halted, in favor of short, agile projects, with feasible goals and good […]