Wageningen, The Netherlands. December 3, 2010. Software estimation with smart use cases

[Half-day training course at government agency, Apeldoorn]

Smart use cases are quickly becoming a widely adopted standard for modeling requirements in various types of software development projects. Alongside with the modeling approach to smart use cases, estimating software development projects using smart use cases is also quickly gaining popularity.

An example of how project progress can be tracked using smart use cases

During this client customized half-day training course on software estimation I’ve discussed the following topics:

  • Why is software estimation so hard?
  • Which techniques are available to estimate projects? Function points, lines of code, story points, use case points, work breakdown structures, smart use case points.
  • How to evaluate and compare software estimation techniques.
  • Smart use cases versus user stories versus traditional use cases (also called huge cases).
  • An introduction to modeling smart use cases.
  • Estimating smart use cases.
  • Continuous measuring productivity in projects.

For more information on estimating smart use cases please see: