Excellent feedback on my micro-service talk at Capgemini DevDay Helsinki

October 30, Helsinki – Received excellent feedback from my 90 minutes talk on micro-services using smart use cases at the Capgemini DevDay event in Helsinki. Here’s some of it:

“Gave a lot to think about for when we’ll next have to think about different architectural solutions.”

“One of the best presentations of the day, along with the previous one. It was nice to hear that the definition of micro-services really is vague. I don’t feel that bad anymore for not completely understanding what a micro-service is. I liked the presentation.”

“Excellent performer, and again real life examples gave the presentation a welcome hands-on touch.”

“More of this. Extremely professional and experience-based content.”

“The presenter knew the subject very well. I would hope, though, that especially being the last presentation of the day, it could be squeezed into the planned schedule.”

“Excellent option for architecture, when delivering on customer’s servers instead of on the cloud.”

“In Finland we should have detailed courses (or something like that) on smart use cases. They could be something that we should apply on requirements specification phase. Interesting stuff.”

“Need a lot longer presentation slot :)”

“Interesting stuff about an ICT system implementation method, from the bleeding edge. The obvious experience and expertise of the presenter captivated, even though it was already late in the afternoon.”

“Very good.”

“Interesting presentation. Although I have a vague feeling that in some cases our way of work has been quite similar to our current way of defining and building systems including the weighted use of JAX-RS.”

“Fluent lecturer, interesting topic”

“Microarchitectures are an interesting thought. It’s a shame the presentation relied on an ongoing project in an early phase, in a year or two I expect there would be a lot more meat around the bones. It would be great to see Smart Use Cases and code generation in action: Is it really a superior technique even in an environment where requirements change a lot?

As a presenter, Sander was probably the best of the day: relaxed and obviously very experienced. Time management needs some work, but that’s the organizers’ responsibility :-)”