February 10, 2011 – Capgemini Legal, Utrecht. An introduction to agile

An important and often underestimated aspect in organizing agile projects is the contract between the client and the contractor. Getting the contract right is much harder than it seems.

Venue: Presentation and discussion for legal department at Capgemini, Papendorp, Utrecht.

Reasons for getting into contract disputes have to with that it is very hard to establish upfront what it is you will have delivered at the end of the project – requirements change and in most projects the team’s velocity is just a rough estimate.

Getting the contract right is hard.

Therefore it is a very good idea that Capgemini’s Legal Department has invited me to introduce and discuss the concepts of agile in a two hours meeting. Basically I will discuss:

  • Why waterfall won’t work – even though it seems like the obvious way to go.
  • Agile key concepts and best practices.
  • Planning agile projects.
  • The trouble with contracts in agile projects. What you see is what you get?