Antwerp, Belgium. February 15, 2011. Agile in everyday practice

During this intensive and highly interactive full day seminar Belgian guest speaker Stefaan van Royen and I will cover a wide range of subjects on agile software development, including why waterfall doesn’t work, agile key characteristics, agile processes, Scrum, Smart, XP, and enterprise agile projects.

Guest speaker Stefaan van Royen (TomTom)

dinsdag, februari 15, 2011
Agile development in everyday practice
Full day seminar on agile software development for IT Works at Hotel Crowne Plaza, Antwerp, Belgium….


The following subjects will be on the program:

  • Why waterfall won’t work.
  • Agile manifesto.
  • Agile key principles: short iterations, small units of work, collaborative teams.
  • An overview of agile processes: extreme programming, Scrum, Smart, DSDM, OpenUP, MSF Agile, Crystal Clear, Lean, Kanban.
  • Getting things done. Examples of everyday life in agile projects.
  • An firm introduction in Scrum.
  • Roles in agile projects, beyond the ordinary. The project manager, coaches, analysts, customers, developers, testers.
  • Agile best practices.
  • Agile requirements techniques: user stories, huge cases, smart use cases.
  • Agile dashboarding techniques
  • Agile anti-patterns: Bob the Builder, Scrumdamentalists, user stories in enterprise agile projects, guesstimation.

Participants rated the seminar on average at 8.2.

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