Future of Project Management. PMI Chapter Event (Breda, Netherlands. April 2015)

During a lively evening in a room full of project managers, I tried to explain how agile is changing the role of project management in software development, and I even went as far as to to claim that the project metaphor isn’t really well suited for software development.

PMI Netherlands Chapter

My talk was titled Challenging The Future of Agile. I look back and retrospect over what agile, Scrum and other agile approaches have brought us in real-life. Sander will motivate why agile is dead, why you need to stay away from Scrum task-boards, how to stay away from estimates and deadlines, how to avoid red sprints, how to put your trust in metrics, how to draw an owl, that project managers needn’t be a total waste after all, and most of all that you are not Usain Bolt and that you don’t need projects to succeed.

As said on the PMI website

In addition, but from a complete different angle, Sander Hoogendoorn, renown speaker, writer of several books about agile, but foremost a challenger of the existing way of working and innovative thinker, will challenge your current thinking on whether or not agile is future proof and hint us on what way to go.