Going independent!

Today is my birthday, a good day for some big news.

As of February 1, I will continue my career as an independent consultant; as a mentor, trainer, coach, software architect, developer, writer, speaker, using the company name ditisagile.nl (after the Dutch title of my latest book This Is Agile).
Over the past decade, in my roles as Principal Technology Officer and Global Agile Thoughtleader at Capgemini, I have coached many clients and have contributed to many Capgemini propositions, including the agile Accelerated Delivery Platform (ADP), the free agile and Kanban board www.speedbird9.com, the Capgemini Agile Framework (CAF), and numerous Flying Squads. During this period I’ve learned a great deal and have contributed to the innovation of software development at Capgemini and its many international clients.

And now, in 2015, it is time to move on. As an independent consultant I will continue to deliver (in-house) training courses and workshops, I will still coach and mentor (agile) projects and teams and for sure, I will continue to implement architectures and write code. As of February 1, my first assignment will be as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at a Dutch insurance company, renewing their application landscape towards microservices. Also I will continue to deliver talks at international conferences and likely start writing new books, articles and columns.

My keynote at DevWeek, March 2014, at Westminster Hall, London

Thank you all for working with me over the past ten years, I’ve learned so much from all of you, and I do hope and trust we will meet again in the (near) future!

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  1. Sander,
    Conratulations on thuis move. I liked your Uml course a lot. As a coincidence I will start as An independent software developer myself at the first of Februari. If you are looking for a charp .net developer drop me a line.

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