January 28, 2011 – Capgemini, Munich. An introduction to the Accelerated Delivery Platform (ADP)

[Long video-talk at Capgemini in Munich for several Capgemini offices in Germany and Poland]

Because I was in Munich anyway, Capgemini was so kind to invite to present a 2 hours talk introducing the accelerators of our agile software development platform, called the Accelerated Delivery Platform (ADP).

During this talk I discussed the effects of enterprise and service oriented aspects on agile processes and techniques, and slowly walked through the differentiators of our platform, including our agile process Smart, smart use cases, smart estimation, testing smart use cases, our Agile Dashboard, the platform’s reference architectures, model driven development using Tobago MDA and our full-blown framework ADF.NET.

Received enthusiastic feedback on the presentation from the attendees. Hope they will start deploying our accelerators and contribute the the platform growth.