Krakow, Poland. June 18, 2015. Introduction to agile, Scrum, and Kanban (open workshop)

This open one-day intense hands-on workshop is the first in a series of training courses in the Agile Academy, organized by PMI Chapter Poland. This is a full day workshop presenting a real-life introduction to agile, Scrum and Kanban. During this highly interactive and successful one-day workshop participants experience why waterfall won’t work and what it means to be in an agile project, independent of which agile approach to use. I will walk through a lot of topics during the day and will also do a number of eye-opening exercises with the participants.


  • Why waterfall won’t work, and should have never existed
  • How does agile really work?
  • Agile principles and best practices
  • Where does the backlog come from?
  • Managing requirements in agile projects
  • User stories and smart use cases
  • Should you estimate in agile projects?
  • Absolute versus relative estimation?
  • Agile approaches compared
  • Scrum, Smart, Kanban
  • Assembling your own agile approach

Of course, all topics come with good and bad examples from my fifteen years of experience in coaching and running agile projects. I have presented this workshop over fifty times already, both in-house and through various independent organizers.


All participants receive a copy of my book This Is Agile.

Who should attend?

  • project owners who initiate, finance, contract and hopefully benefit from a project
  • project managers who plan and organise the project resources,
  • software architects,
  • business and functional analysts,
  • software designers and developers,
  • IT managers,
  • software testers, …


If you are interested to join this intensive workshop, please register here: