Limit Tags to Labels

Recently we’ve introduced Tags for work items on . You can add tags either from the menu when you create an item in Work Items | New, or from the Edit Work Item feature. Tags are replacing Labels because we’ve received many requests for allowing multiple Labels or Tags with work items, whereas it was only possible to add a single Label to work item previously, and such Labels are limited to the list of Labels which are defined from menu Project | Labels.

With introducing Tags we allow users to added any text in their Tags. We have received a number of requests from teams to only allow Tags that are in the list of Labels. Other teams however like the freedom of adding any text in the Tags field for a work item. As of now, we support both options. To do so, we’ve added an option to the Project | Edit menu item called Limit Tags To Labels.


By default, the option is set to false. However, if you check the box, your team can only add tags that are in the list of Labels. On both the Create Work Item and Edit Work Item features, editing Tags is now supported with a drop down that filters from your Labels as you type ahead.

Pleas note that if you had added Tags to work items before you checked the option box that are not in the list of Labels, these tags will no longer show up in the Tags field. These tags are still present, and you  can still search their values e.g. on Show Dashboard.