Capgemini TechEd (Utrecht, The Netherlands. November 2011. Keynote)

Use cases have been around for many years describing the requirements of software development projects. From a developer’s point of view, use cases are often seen as too abstract and too complex to develop code from. Until now, that is.


Title: Implementing and unit testing smart use cases

During this interactive talk, speaker Sander Hoogendoorn will demonstrate how to model, generate and build smart use cases.

dinsdag, maart 1, 2011
All Day
Capgemini TechEd 2011
Capgemini TechEd 2011 event. Targeted at software developers and infrastructure specialist at Capgemini in the Netherlands…
Capgemini Auditorium, Papendorp


This great technique allows you to model use cases at a much more pragmatic, low-granular level, enabling them to be implemented simply and directly into applications such as ASP.NET or Silverlight. Using many real-life code examples, the speaker will introduce both the positive impact that smart use cases have on your layered software architecture, as well as the design patterns required to implement them.