SDN Event (Zeist, Netherlands. March 2011)

Sander of software architecture, patterns and frameworks. One man, a whiteboard and three markers

At conferences, many keynotes and talks using beautiful slide decks cover advanced topics in software architecture, working with specific frameworks or design patterns. This talk will be different. I will not advertise nor bash certain frameworks, nor will I do a lot of name and acronym dropping. This talk brings the attendees back to the raw basics. Just me in front of a whiteboard with a set of markers. No agenda, no slides.

vrijdag, maart 18, 2011
All Day
SDN Event, March 2011
Het SDN Event van vrijdag 18 maart is het eerste SDN Event van 2011. Dit event staat weer bol van de content. Sessies over AppFabric, ALM voor Azure projecten, SharePoint Document management, Blend fo…
Achmea Eureko Conference Center


Often, talks at conferences discuss the more advanced topics and just glance over the underlying principles, techniques and architectures leaving most attendees dazzled. During this highly interactive session I will try to bring software development back to these raw basics, presenting my personal experiences in software architecture, framework development and applying design patterns.


So there will be no fixed agenda, but likely topics will be:

  • Setting up your software architecture, layers and layer elements
  • Software architecture versus frameworks
  • Patterns in implementing frameworks
  • MVWTF. Patterns in user interfaces
  • Domain driven design.
  • Design patterns explained.
  • The sense and nonsense of dependency injection
  • Persistence in this era of diversity