My weekly thoughts on Twitter

  • RT @smartusecases. Smart Use Cases FAQ #
  • The 3 stages of owning a computer. #
  • New entry " Questions on smart use cases. Part III – Stereotypes and minimal us..
    " on Capping IT Off. #
  • Spent the morning looking at reusables from our distributed agile .NET projects. Discussed framework upgrades and smart use case metrics. #
  • Finally got around to downloading VS 2010 Beta 2 and .NET Frameworks 4 Beta 2. Will install it hopefully today. #
  • Want to have a look at using dynamic keyword in C#. Could result in nice implementation of internal state pattern. #
  • It's quiet at Papendorp. Sitting in a room with 10 desks all by myself. Rounding up new version of strategy document. #
  • RT @PascalVanHecke: "Sign of the times: Facebook being cited in 20% of online divorce petitions in UK (via @EFF )" #
  • Christmas in NL: Standing in line to even get a shopping cart at the AH. #fail #
  • At IMAX Schouwburgplein R'dam 2 see Avatar in 3D with daughter Sam and her friend Joey. #
  • New entry " Merry Xmas, I’ve Just Hacked Your Kindle!: And all it took was just..
    " on Capping IT Off. #
  • Saw Avatar yesterday in IMAX 3D. Storyline predictable, but man what an impressive movie. #
  • Love this website. It allows me to find all the guitar chords I need. #
  • Christmas time halfway. One down, only one more to go! #
  • New entry " 2010: Bazaar or still the Cathedral?: This period of year is the ti..
    " on Capping IT Off. #
  • #MusicForDevelopers: Uriah Heap. (for older developers 🙂 #
  • Just finished reading "De helaasheid der dingen" by Dimitri Verhulst. Great stilist! Strong story. Remembers me somehow of my own youth. #
  • Sent out email to my past. To brother of very dear old friend who died 3 years ago, and who would have celebrated his 43th birthday today. #
  • Will try to catch up on old friends, feels like a Christmas thing to do. Robert, Hans, you're next I guess… #