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  • Unsubscribed from Dr. Dobbs Journal. There's too much information to read anyway in the field of software development. #
  • New entry " Weekly digest of week 52 2009: In the last digest of 2009: A look a..
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  • New entry " Avatar, reuse and model driven software development:

    Last week my..
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  • Just put enough money into my savings account so my bank ING supports UNICEF with … exactly 1 Euro. Wow! #
  • Google it. #
  • RT: @SDN_Watch: DevTweet: Follow the white rabbit! Exploring custom development in Sharepoint: DevTweet’s zijn de co.. #
  • Working on translation (Dutch to English) of Capgemini white paper titled "Shaping service orientation using smart use cases". Looks good. #
  • New entry " Goodbye to Digital Decade: A day more and first decade of this cent..
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  • There was a time .NET projects were easy, and Java projects were over-complex. It's all changed. Read the first pa.. #
  • Just planned a day to harvest additions to our ADF.NET Framework from a number of projects, and add them to the ma.. #
  • Have been playing Heart On by Eagles of Death Metal all day! This is the record the Rolling Stones haven't made since 1990 or so. #MyMusic #
  • I even tried JP the MP. No problemo for the Akinator. #
  • New entry " Predicting 2010: Wisdom of Sheep or Silence of the Crowds?: “The wi..
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  • RT: @bartreyserhove: Comment on blog: show rhino sample with linq2sql or EF. NH is not professional product, that could be used in real apps #
  • RT @superska: "Bij RTL4 vinden ze het grappig om te laten zien hoe leuk je wel niet met vuurwerk kunt spelen. Domme eikels bij RTL. #fail" #
  • We just blew up a pineapple. Vegetarian direworks! Happy new year! #
  • Watching Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho. A true classic. Often imitated, never outshined. A bit like Cobol. 😉 #
  • Janet Leigh in the shower now. Still one of the most brilliant scenes in movie history. #
  • Bates Motel really had premium quality shower curtains… #
  • – At the Kerstcircus in Carre Amsterdam. A tradition in my family. #
  • RT @Joopkoppen: "Gaat vanmiddag naar het kerstcircus in Carre en daarna eten bij Witteveen" >> He da's toevallig. Wij ook! #
  • – Kids sitting on the longest couch in Europe (at the other end). 16 metres at restaurant Witteveen in Amsterdam. #
  • Upgraded my company laptop to Windows 7. Most stuff works, but I'm unable to connect via VPN using Cisco AnyConnect. Is this a coincidence? #