Hilversum, The Netherlands. November 18, 2010 Agile software development in everyday practice (Array Seminars)

[One day seminar on agile software development for Array Seminars in Hotel Lapershoek in Hilversum]

During this intensive one day seminar Belgian guest speaker Stefaan van Royen and I cover a wide range of subjects on agile software development.

Guest speaker Stefaan van Royen (TomTom)

The following subjects where on the program:

  • Why waterfall won’t work.
  • Agile manifesto.
  • Agile key principles: short iterations, small units of work, collaborative teams.
  • An overview of agile processes: extreme programming, Scrum, Smart, DSDM, OpenUP, MSF Agile, Crystal Clear, Lean, Kanban.
  • Getting things done. Examples of everyday life in agile projects.
  • An firm introduction in Scrum.
  • Roles in agile projects, beyond the ordinary. The project manager, coaches, analysts, customers, developers, testers.
  • Agile best practices.
  • Agile requirements techniques: user stories, huge cases, smart use cases.
  • Agile dashboarding techniques
  • Agile anti-patterns: Bob the Builder, Scrumdamentalists, user stories in enterprise agile projects, guesstimation.

Participants rated the seminar on average at 8.2.

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