October 19. Talk. “Silverlight, .NET RIA Services and code generation”

SDC Conference, Papendal, Arnhem (www.sdc.nl)

Next week the annual SDC conference will take place at Papendal, Arnhem. As usual the organising SDN community has put together a long list of international appraised speakers, and challenging subjects on the matter of software development and software architecture.


A bit to my surprise, this year I was invited to do 3 talks, with very different subjects: Silverlight and code generation, smart use cases in service oriented projects, and .NET extension methods.

Putting model driven development to the test

The SDC website refers to my Silverlight talk as follows:

To be quite honest, this talk is putting model driven development (MDD) to the test. Model driven development – generating code from a model – is a concept that has long promised high productivity and quality to projects. There are many different approaches to MDD, some of them highly theoretical, some of them painfully oversimplified. Think of generating code from UML models, or using Oslo and M. And whatever happened to (graphical and textual) DSL’s?

As always Sander and his team follow a very pragmatic, straightforward approach to the subject, generating code from domain models and smart use cases. One of the benefits of true model driven development is that it allows to generate code from the same model to different target environments. Having done projects where code was generated in Windows applications, ASP.NET applications, and Java web applications, Sander will now use this approach to Silverlight line-of-business applications. In this talk Sander elaborates on how code generation works, how templates can be defined for Tobago MDA, a freely available MDD code generators, and will (try to) build up a Silverlight applications on stage.

Introducing .NET RIA Services

Unfortunately, my team was minimized due to illness and projects, and I had to figure out most of it myself – a though late night job. Especially since I want to pay attention to .NET RIA Services, a brand new way of buidling client/server applications in a distributed environment, where a lot of code generation takes place under the covers.

Let’s just I I can do some demo’s on the 19th…

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