International SOA Symposium (Rotterdam, Netherlands. October 2009)

International SOA Symposium, World Trade Center, Rotterdam. (

On October 22 and 23, 2009 the second international SOA Symposium will take place at the World Trade Center in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Just coming out of a highly successful agile SAP service oriented project (likely the first in it’s type in the Netherlands or even a wider area), Twan van den broek (of Ciber) and I thought it would be a good idea to share our experiences at the SOA Symposium. And so did the organisation.

Twan and I wil do an inspiring talk on agile SOA projects on the first day; next we will both feature a panel discussion, and on the 23rd I will do a talk on how to model services using smart use cases, which works really fine!

Check out the conference description for this talk.

How Smart Use Cases Drive Service-Oriented Projects

Under normal circumstances, SOA projects would apply use cases to model and describe the interaction between the users and the services. “Smart” use cases extend this very basic technique and make more powerful use of UML use case diagrams, resulting in a collection of smaller, equally granular use cases.


This technique allows projects to easily define reusable assets, in both front and back end systems. Over the past years, the smart use case techniques have been enriched by many organizations and many types of SOA projects, including those built with .NET, Java and SharePoint. The smart use case technique nowadays comes with straightforward estimation, a collection of standard (stereo)types, many guidelines, and even code generation.

In his well-known enthusiastic presentation style, Sander Hoogendoorn, principal technology officer at Capgemini, will demonstrate how to identify and model smart use cases from business processes for SOA projects.

October 23, 2009 – 11:15

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