So much to write, so little time

It’s too bad there’s only 24 hours in a day. There are so many ideas in my head that I still have to write down, that I have to make a (short) list now to keep my head from exploding.

So here it is:

  • White paper on how to do agile SAP projects using smart use cases.
  • Article on applying smart use cases in BI project (started).
  • White paper on agile accounting models (80% done).
  • White paper on my agile methodology Smart.
  • Book on agile / Smart in everyday practice (lay-out done). Have to find publisher.
  • Book on software architecture and patterns for .Net projects (started). Need to find publisher.
  • White paper on pragmatic model driven development.
  • Wiki page on how to use Tobago MDA.
  • Article on pragmatic model driven development in Java (with Rody).
  • Article on Descriptor pattern
  • Article on Smart Reference pattern (80% done).
  • Blog on agile mediocrity.
  • Article on application migration using smart use cases and the Accelerated Delivery Platform (started).
  • Ugly blog on the hype of cloud computing, following and extending the hypes around service orientation and component based development.
  • White paper on distributed agile software development.
  • Book on project anti-patterns (lay-out done).
  • White paper on our three references architectures, identifying all types in the layers, and their responsibilities.
  • Update the wiki with Smart 3.0 (30% done).
  • White paper on level of ceremony in agile methodologies (30% done)
  • Wiki page on mixing Scrum and Smart.
  • Wiki page on splitting smart use cases to work items.
  • Wiki page / article on testing smart use cases (80% done).
  • Newsletter item on visit of .NET PAC in Redmond.
  • Book on smart use cases.

And moreover (added February 6):

  • White paper on agile for software product development.
  • White paper about implementing agile smart.
  • Blog on questions raised during recent discussion on implementing agile at a large international bank.
  • Blog post(s) on going from Twitter API to service oriented software.

So help! Any votes or assistance offered?

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  1. “Book on software architecture and patterns for .Net projects (started). Need to find publisher.”

    Do you require assistance?

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