Software Architect (London, UK. October 2015. Keynote)

Software Architect is a very nice architecture conference in the heart of London. This year I will do the opening keynote (together with Simon Brown), and a talk on the current state of agile.

My keynote is titled Microservices. The good, the bad and the ugly.

The development and maintenance of monoliths presents organisations with increasing challenges, resulting in high costs and a decreasing time-to-market. More and more organisations are therefore attempting to componentise their applications.

The latest and greatest paradigm “microservices” finally seems to deliver on the promises of service-oriented architecture: shortening time-to-market, scalability, autonomy, and exchangeability of technology and databases. The challenges of delivering microservices however are equally big.

In this keynote presentation, Sander will elaborate on his personal experiences with implementing microservices architectures. He’ll be certain to address the good parts, but he does not shy away from also tackling the bad and ugly parts.

Software Architect: