Some of my talks in 2008

Smart use cases. Past present and future

Keynote at Smart Use Case Conference, Capgemini Conference Center, Utrecht, Netherlands, May 28, 2008
Capgemini has organized an inspiring conference on the subjects of smart use cases. This event took place at Capgemini’s conference center in Utrecht. The large number of delegates witnessed talks on smart use cases, smart estimation, smart use cases in agile projects, project management and smart use cases, requirements management and rapid solution workshops for establishing smart use cases. As one of the founding father of these techniques, I delivered the keynote.


Best practices in agile software development

Talk at management meeting Philips, Evoluon, Eindhoven, Netherlands. May 27, 2008
Talk giving an overview on waterfall failure, agile principles, Scrum, Smart, XP and agile best practices, but also giving an overview on Capgemini’s Accelerated Delivery Platform, smart use cases, smart estimation, code generation and model driven development.

Best practices in agile software development

Talk at knowledge sharing meeting DSDM Atern Consortium, Kasteel de Schaffelaar, Barneveld, Netherlands. May 26, 2008
Open two hour talk on waterfall failure, agile principles, Smart, Scrum and best practices.

Model driven development, smart use cases, domain models and Silverlight

Talk at Microsoft DevDays, RAI Amsterdam, Netherlands. May 22, 2008

It will be quite interested to see if I can add up this peculiar combination of keywords into one talk, also including some issues on software architecture, dependency injection, value objects, smart references, and live code generation (both web and Silverlight) in a mere five quarters of an hour. Brrr.


Estimating with smart use cases

Seminar in Holiday Inn, Leiden, Netherlands. May 21, 2008.
Half day seminar on estimation, planning and modeling smart use cases. Organized by Array Seminars.


Smart use cases in BI projects

Talk at SET Conference, Zurich, Switzerland. May 6, 2008
Together with Sandra Wennemers I presented a talk at the TDWI Conference, which is an international conference on business intelligence. The talk covered two subjects, using UML in BI projects, and executing these projects in an agile manner.

Applying software development techniques to BI projects

Talk at Trends in Informatiemanagement conference, Leiden, Netherlands, March 18, 2008
With colleague Sandra Wennemers I present a talk at Trends in Informatiemanagement, a seminar on information management. This particular talk covers two subjects, using UML in BI projects, and executing BI projects agile.

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