The days are just packed. My talks in May and June 2009

The months May and June are notorious for the number of talks – as Rick van der Lans describes: May and June are speaker’s season. Just to remind me not to forget any of my upcoming talks, here’s a list:

  • May 12. Project estimation with smart use cases. At Capgemini, Utrecht. Presentation at internal software estimation seminar for Community of Practice Methods & Tools.
  • May 13. Achieving business flexibility with smart use cases. Keynote at seminar on  business flexibility at Synobsis, Castle Lage Vuursche, Baarn. See
  • May 14. Estimating with smart use cases. Half-day seminar for Array Seminars, NBC Nieuwegein. See
  • May 25. An introduction to smart use cases. Presentation at Capgemini event for large customer, Utrecht.
  • May 26. Agile requirements and smart use cases. Half-day presentation at Capgemini BAS, Apeldoorn.
  • May 28. Navigating through the hypes. Software architectures and patterns to help avoiding your projects to crash. Interactive talk on frameworks and how they can kill your projects at Microsoft DevDays, Congrescentrum Den Haag. See


  • June 3. Agile software development in everyday practice. Full-day seminar on doing agile projects for IT Works, Hotel Pullman, Diegem, Belgium. With guest speaker Stefaan van Royen, Mediamine. See
  • June 9. Pragmatic .Net development. Full-day seminar on software architectures and patterns for .Net software development for Array Seminars, .NBC Nieuwegein. See
  • June 15 & 16. Smart use cases from front to back. Custom two-day interactive workshop for information and business analysts of large Capgemini client at Capgemini Papendorp, Utrecht. Includes introduction of smart use cases, estimating smart use cases, smart use cases in service oriented architecture, testing smart use cases, domain driven design, agile, Smart / Scrum.
  • June 18. Mission impossible? Introducing agile in service oriented SAP projects. Talk at Integrate Agile Conference with Twan van den Broek, Topforce, for the Agile Consortium Benelux, Claus, Badhoevedorp. I didn’t notice that I have a double booking until now… trying to solve it.
  • June 18 & 19. Pragmatic modeling using UML and beyond. Fully packed two-day workshop on UML, modeling, smart use cases, requirements, domain driven design, model driven development and modeling in agile projects for IT Works, Hotel Crowne Plaza, Antwerp, Belgium. See
  • June 26. Agile anti-patterns. Yes, your agile projects can fail too. Entertaining talk on how to make your agile and Scrum projects fail, at the SDN Event in Hotel Houten, Houten.

One thought on “The days are just packed. My talks in May and June 2009

  1. Hallo,

    Op de devdays in mei 2009 (al weer een maand terug) gaf je een presentatie. Microsoft krijgt blijkbaar de filmpjes nog niet voor elkaar.
    Is die presentatie op een of andere manier online te bekijken?

    groet Hans Beuze

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