Trying out Windows Live Writer

While I was at the .NET Partner Advisory Council meeting in Redmond, one of the other members made us aware of the existence of Windows Live Writer, a small tool from the Windows Live group to edit blogs. So I downloaded it and I am now trying it for the first time.

It actually looks quite good – and collaborates really well with my WordPress blog. It even downloads the theme of my blog, and allows me to write my blog post WYSIWYG, that is, I’m typing it in the same manner that it will display on my blog.

I’m now adding a picture – of the Windows Live Writer user interface of me typing this blog.

Windows Live Writer

Now, all that’s left is publishing this blog post to my blog. If that works to, you’ll be able to read, and I probably stick to Windows Live Writer for writing new blog posts. Time to press the Publish button…

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