We no longer look for products or services, products and services will find us.

If you are still in doubt whether social media will change they way we communicate and do business, please check out this brilliant presentation, with stunning figures. Interesting quotes: we no longer look for news, news finds us. In the future we will no longer look for products or services, products and services will find us.


And we’re already entering this new era of social economics. Some examples?

I’ve stopped using Microsoft Word all together and totally switched to Windows Live Writer (yes, also Microsoft) for all my writing – blogs, articles, white papers, and even new books (which I write using a WordPress blog as repository by the way). Why? Integration of video, clips, images, tags and referals is easy in Windows Live Writer. One click publishing.

Yesterday Capgemini’s CTO Ron Tolido posted a tweet on the new Mac OS. Within hours we was quoted on an official CNN article.

Today I’ve downloaded and installed a gadget called Digsby to use for IM – and Twitter. Too bad it doesn’t support HelloTxt yet. It was recommended via social media. No advertising can beat that.


Earlier this week a brand new band called Them Crooked Vultures (John Homme, John Paul Jones, Dave Grohl – you can’t get much bigger than this) did a surprise gig at the Melkweg in Amsterdam. I was notified about it via Twitter. Unfortunately too late. Boy, would I have loved to be there.


Watched the ticket line on YouTube the day after. Huge. Many people already seem to have known about the band and the concert. How? Well there’s a 14 second long clip on YouTube. That’s ALL there was. Awesome groove by the way.


Luckily, I was still able to get tickets for one of my other favorite bands Biffy Clyro. Also at the Melkweg. How did I know? Simple. I follow them on Twitter.

Ok, one last example to close up. I admit it. I no longer browse the Internet for interesting blogs and articles. I mostly read what people in my network appear to be reading. True, this might lead to some onesided media opinions, but if there’s one thing social economics thought me, that although social media makes me lazier than ever, please never stop forming your own opinion. As Brian used to say: “you’re all individuals!”