This Is Agile

Sander Hoogendoorn does not shy away from the complexity of how real work gets done in an enterprise, yet he addresses these complexities with breathtaking simplicity, speaking with the off-hand authority and confidence of someone who has spent many years with his sleeves rolled up, elbow-deep in the day-to-day world of enterprise agile. Here you won’t find ivory-tower musings on the virtues of any one methodology.


Hoogendoorn is no agile evangelist—he is too salty and experienced to have stars in his eyes over methods and frameworks. His approach is to detail every possible situation an enterprise might encounter during an agile project and apply the fix, technique or bit of reasoning that is best suited to solving the problem at hand, regardless of whether it belongs to any particular school of thought. Hoogendoorn can do this, because there aren’t any problems he hasn’t encountered—not once, but ten times over. He approaches agility with the attitude of a veteran field medic who has seen it all and knows exactly what will get the job done every time.

Published in 2014 by Dymaxicon.