Here’s a list of maybe useful links to a number of my profiles, books and material that I‘ve published on different websites.

My profiles



At Capgemini

Where to buy my books?

The US English edition of This Is Agile on

The German edition of Das kleine Agile-Buch (Kindle version) on

The Dutch edition of Dit Is Agile on

The Dutch edition of Pragmatisch modelleren met UML  on

My Dutch books on


My team’s online free agile and Kanban board

My account on, contains a whole lot of my slide decks

Web site for our agile Accelerated Delivery Platform (ADP), including Tobago MDA

The original Dutch version of my agile approach Smart, written in the late nineties and early years of this century.

Smart use cases profile on with posts on smart use cases grouped

My popular talk How frameworks can kill your projects on

Channel9 has a number of my talks recorded, mostly from international Microsoft conferences in the US and Europe.

A number of my talks at Ukrainian conference NETWork are on their YouTube channel. Even includes me in a panel discussion with Greg Young and Ayende Rahien.

SDN Magazine 120SDN Magazine is the quarterly paper and online magazine of the SDN community. I’ve written an article on virtually every edition of SDN Magazine since 2005. Here’s the archive for SDN Magazine.