Decks and handouts

Here you will be able to find the decks and handouts for most of my recent talks. Please note that my talks change from time to time. No two talks are exactly the same, even if they have the same title. So my current decks on this page might deviate slightly from the talk you’ve seen.

Flow. The official worst software development methodology in history

Slide deck to the opening keynote I did with Kim van Wilgen, customer director at Schuberg-Philis, at SDD 2019 in London, UK. Several attendees named it the best keynote they’ve ever seen. We will repeat this session as keynote at Voxxed Days in Athens, Greece, and as the opening keynote at SwanseaCon in Swansea, Wales.

Welcome to the world of micro-apps

The most recent edition of this talk was presented during the Codemotion Amsterdam 2019. I presented it earlier for instance at SDD 2018 in London, UK.

It’s a small world after all.
How thinking small is changing software big time

This is my inspiring (opening) keynote talk at a number of conferences. This edition of the talk is from Codemotion Rome 2019.

Domain driven design at the heart of your microservices landscape

Talk that combines my ideas around the design of microservices and micro-apps, using smart use cases, and patterns from domain driven design.

Do or don’t. Try there is not. Or is there?

The talk where I try to explain monads, which is for sure not the easiest thing to do.

How microteams change the way we collaborate. Again.

My well-known talk on moving beyond traditional agile, portfolio boards, collectives, and microteams.