Over the years I have presented at many international conferences. Although I have never kept track of these earlier, it’s never too late to start. So here’s a very incomplete list. In descending order.

DevWeek 2014. London, UK
Very proud to do the conference opening keynote of the largest independent software development conference in the UK on dogmatic agile. Also doing two tech talks on frameworks and Windows8 versus web development. April 2014. See DevWeek 2014.
Enterprise Architect User Group. Utrecht, The Netherlands
Will be co-presenting Pragmatic agile model driven development using smart use cases with Robert de Wolff (Fflowing). February 2014. See EA User Group.
OOP 2014. Munich, Germany
Doing tech talk titled Crossing the chasm from web to Windows 8 development. February 2014.
Software Quality Days 2014. Vienna, Austria.

Will do talk titled Pragmatic agile model driven development using smart use cases. January 2014. See Software Quality Days 2014.
Build Stuff 2013. Vilnius, Lithuania.
Doing agile anti-pattern talk. December 2013. See Build Stuff 2013.

QNH DevDays
Doing the opening keynote. Agile anti-patterns. Yes your agile projects can and will fail too. November 2013. See QNH DevDays.

TI Conference Days 2013. Antwerp, Belgium.
Will do introduction to agile, and agile anti-patterns. November 2013. See TI Conference Days.
CodeMotion Madrid. Madrid, Spain.
Talk about frameworks and dependencies. October 2013. See CodeMotion Madrid.
Agile Testing Days 2013. Berlin-Potsdam, Germany.
Will do 120-minute workshop titled Structured testing in agile projects using smart use cases. October 2013. See also Agile Testing Days 2013.
XP Dagen Oekraïne
XP Days 2013. Kiev, Ukraine.
Will do the closing keynote with my How frameworks can kill your projects talk. And likely a free-format, no-slides talk on software architecture. October 2013. See XP Days 2013.
Agile Software Architecture Symposium 2013. Arnhem, The Netherlands.
Will do talk on agile anti-patterns. September 2013. See also ASAS 2013.
PAM Summit 2013, Krakow, Poland.
Doing a workshop on agile and agile requirements titled Surviving long-running agile projects. Agile by example. June 2013. See also PAM Summit 2013.
GIDS Conference 2013. Bangalore, India.
I will deliver a keynote on offshore agile, and four talks at this very lively event. Great to go back! May 2013. See also GIDS 2013.
Conference 2013
ACCU 2013. Oxford, UK.
Doing my talk Death by dogma versus assembling agile. April 2013. See also ACCU 2013
SDN Event. Zeist, the Netherlands.
Delivered talk on building web applications on top of a COBOL back end. Software architecture, patterns, code. March 2013. See SDN Event March 2013.
TechDays 2013 logo
Microsoft TechDays 2013. Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Will do talk about building web applications in ASP.NET op top of COBOL. April 2013. See TechDays 2013
Agile Dev Practices 2013 
Agile Dev Practices 2013. Berlin/Potsdam, Germany.
My updated talk on agile anti-patterns, dogmatic agile and assembling agile. March 2013. See also Agile Dev Practices 2013.
OOP Startseite
OOP 2013. Munich, Germany.
Doing two talks. One on structuring testing in agile projects using smart use cases. And the other on frameworks. See OOP 2013.
Software Quality Days. Vienna, Austria.
Doing a talk about agile anti-patterns. January 2013. See Software Quality Days 2013.
SDN - Software Development Network
SDC Conference 2012. Arnhem, The Netherlands.
I’m on the program twice. Talking about structuring agile testing with smart use cases, and about how to survive long-running agile .NET projects. December 2012. See SDC.
XP Dagen Oekraïne
XP Days Ukraine 2012. Kiev, Ukraine.
Will be doing my “famous” talk on agile anti-patterns. November 2012. See XP Days Ukraine 2012.
TI Conference Days 2012. Antwerp, Belgium.
Will talk about agile and agile anti-patterns with the students of the Karel de Grote-Hogeschool in Antwerp. November 2012. See TI Conference Days 2012.
.NETWork 2012. Kharkov, Ukraine.
Again doing a keynote at this great event. But more: tried out a new talk on smart use cases and Windows 8 development. Also lectured at Kharkov University. November 2012. See NETWork 2012.
Agile Consortium. Third Value Event. Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Will keynote this event with a talk on agile contracting. November 2012. See Agile Consortium.
Capgemini TechEd 2012
Capgemini TechEd 2012. Utrecht, The Netherlands.
Talk about surviving long-running agile projects. Titled Agile by Example. October 2012.

Avisi Agile Architecture Symposium. Arnhem, Netherlands.
Presenting closing keynote on agile architecture. September 2012. See Agile Architecture Symposium.
JAZOON 2012. Zurich, Switzerland
Presenting a talk on agile anti-patterns. June 2012. Some feedback: “Just wanted to say thanks for your talk at Jazoon. I just wanted to say that it was for me the best session there.” See JAZOON 2012. 
ACCU Home page
ACCU 2012. Oxford, UK.
Presented two talks at ACCU on agile anti-patterns and on how frameworks can kill your projects. April 2012. See ACCU 2012
Great Indian Developers Summit (GIDS) 2012. Bangalore, India.
Presented five talks on topics such as smart use cases, service oriented architecture, agile anti-patterns, frameworks. April 2012. See GIDS 2012.
Camp Digital. Manchester, UK.
Did keynote for UX conference on dogmatic agile. March 2012. See Camp Digital.
Agile Open Holland 2011. Dieren, Netherlands.
Presented keynote on dogmatic agile versus assembling agile. November 2011. See Agile Open Holland 2011.

NETwork Conference 2011. Kharkiv, Ukraine.
Did the keynote speech on how frameworks can kill your projects. October 2011. See NETwork.

Microsoft TechEd North America 2011. Atlanta, USA.
Delivered two talks. May 2011. See videos at Agile Anti-Patterns (Channel 9, TechEd NA 2011) and Identifying, Modeling, Estimating and Reusing Services in Enterprise Projects using Smart Use Cases (Channel 9, TechEd NA 2011).

Microsoft DevDays 2011. Den Hague, Netherlands.
Presented a talk on how smart use cases drive web development. April 2011. See the video of my talk at How smart use cases drive web development (Channel 9, DevDays 2011).
4th SOA Symposium
4th International SOA & Cloud Symposium. Brasilia, Brazil.
Delivered two talks. One on requirements in service oriented architecture projects, and one on agile service oriented architecture projects. April 2011. See See 4th SOA & Cloud Symposium.
OOP Startseite
OOP 2011. Munich, Germany.
Presented my talk on how frameworks can kill your projects. As a regular speaker at OOP also contributed to the 20th anniversary booklet. January 2011. See OOP 2011.
Software Engineering Today 2010. Zurich, Switzerland.
Presented talk about requirements in service oriented architecture projects. May 2010.
Landelijk Architectuur Congres 2009. Nieuwegein, Netherlands.
Presented about using smart use cases in service oriented architecture projects. November 2009. See LAC 2009.


2th International SOA & Cloud Symposium. Rotterdam, Netherlands.
Delivered two talks. One on agile service oriented architecture projects, and one on smart use cases in service oriented architecture projects. October 2009. See 2th SOA & Cloud Symposium.