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  • Pfff. Took me 1/2 day but restored connection to VPN again. Cisco AnyConnect 2.3 does not work on Windows 7. So back to previous utility. #
  • Uninstalled Cisco VPN Client 5.0.3 and installed Cisco VPN Client 5.0.4. Had to reboot my laptop. How old-fashioned. But I'm back on. #
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  • – On my way to Eindhoven. 365 km of traffic jams in Netherlands, but I'm not in it (yet). #
  • – Where is everybody? It's a Tuesday morning and the A2 is deserted. #
  • RT @bartreyserhove: "a lot of outdated posts on mvc out there and it is very difficult to find out what is actually still valid." #
  • Gathering material for a new/updated presentation titled "Beyond agile testing. The changing role of testing and testers". #
  • Stupid. Didn't even notice my laptop is a dual core. Will need to update form Windows 7 32-bit to Windows 7 64-bit. Wonder if that will work #
  • RT: @itworks: Gartner acquires Burton Group for $56M >> giving CIOs even less choice for independent advice #
  • almost on my way to Capgemini's Papendorp office. Was at N5 yesterday but couldn't find anybody from our CSD division. Where is everybody? #
  • Working on my presentation "Beyond agile testing." From the looks of it, I could have better called the "The pro-active tester". #
  • IMHO testing is very much under-validated in most agile processes. There's much more than unit tests (which is a developers job anyway). #
  • Submitted my presentation ""Beyond agile testing" tot the EuroSTAR Conference in Copenhagen in November. #
  • Had great brainstorm session with Ron K. Convinced that we can create a world-class development platform. #
  • Was at kick-off meeting of biggest Microsoft business unit in Netherlands… #
  • RT @orangy: If you are using #ReSharper, you should follow @resharper. We are preparing tips and tricks for you, and already streaming them! #
  • RT @itcollaborative: "El genio tecnológico detrás de #avatar es @aahoogendoorn" >> not sure what it means, but it sounds cool in Spanish. #
  • Yep. As of today I officially don't have the perfect nerd age anymore. Turned 43 today! #
  • #MoviesForDevelopers May the source be with you (@mauriced). #
  • #MoviesForDevelopers One Spring to rule them all! #
  • RT @pascalvanalphen: "Officially confirmed: Natal (the Wii experience for the XBOX) to be released in 2010." >>I'll buy #
  • #MusicForDevelopers. Madonna – Array of light. #
  • #MoviesForDevelopers. Invasion of the <body> snatchers. #
  • #MusicForDevelopers. Metallica = (sad == sad); One to think about for a while I guess 😉 #
  • Just discovered latest Mastodon album Crack The Skye. It's massive! I hear Metallica, Rush, Alice in Chains, Stone Temple Pilots. #MyMusic #
  • Updating my WordPress version. #
  • Brr. Can't send email out. My (company) mailbox is over it's size limit – and I already have archived almost everything. #
  • #MusicForDevelopers. Bachman Turner Overdrive – You ain't Seam nothing yet (inspired by @TomKronenburg). #
  • Working on demo for the Accelerated Delivery Platform. Amazed every time how far I can drive this baby. #
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  • New entry " Beyond agile testing. Or: how to become a pro-active tester :

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  • Arranging my trip to the next Partner Advisory Council .NET meeting in Redmond end of January. #
  • Love the comments on post about Avatar and model driven dev. Amazing that people still think hard-written code suffies. #
  • Cool! Uninstalling Office 2007 Enterprise.. #
  • Trying out Yelp for next Seattle trip. Looks great! #
  • Just installed Office 2010 beta. It already worked on my other laptop, now installing on my company laptop. #
  • Mmm. Office 2010 recognized my (exchange) mail accounts, even though I'd uninstalled Office 2007 this morning. Is that a good thing? #
  • Now in doubt whether to add Gmail account to Outlook 2010 (IMAP) or to keep on using Gmail directly in browser (Firefox). Any suggestions? #
  • Of course, I meant @mauriced 's thoughts on the amazing productivity of our agile Accelerated Delivery Platform (ADP). #
  • Finally found some time to start on the final version of the manuscript of my new smart use case book. I have collected 52.00 words already. #
  • RT: @mnankman: Dilbert makes fun of enterprise project management #
  • Sorry, typo. Watching documentary about Franz Krienbuhl. A regular and rather tragic hero! #