Recommended reading

Over the years there’s quite a number of books I have recommended to audiences at keynotes, talks and training courses. Quite often people have asked me for a list of recommended reading. It’s about time that I create this list and put it on my website. So here it is – in an unordered list.

Robert C. Martin – Agile software development

Uncle Bob’s book that contains e.g. the SOLID principles. A must read.

Erich Gamma e.a. – Design patterns

The bible for software developers describing a set of design patterns that should be in every developers head.

Martin Fowler – Patters of Enterprise Application Architecture

Great book on patterns for developing applications.

Jez Humble & Dave Farley – Continuous delivery

This is THE book on continuous delivery. Look no further

Sander Hoogendoorn – This is agile

I don’t mean to brag by this is the best overview on agile, Scrum, extreme programming, Kanban.

Eric Evans – Domain driven design

The patterns in this book describe the paradigm of domain driven design, crucial for any enterprise software developer.

Alistair Cockburn – Writing effective use cases

Best book (next to my own UML book) on writing use cases, not on modeling use cases though.

Robert C. Martin – Clean code

Best book on how to write better code.





Krzysztof Cwalina & Brad Abrams – Framework design guidelines

This is a hidden gem, and one of my personal favorites on writing code. The book discusses the development en evolution of the .NET framework, and contains many of the deliberations the engineers had.