Follow the white rabbit! Exploring custom software development in Sharepoint

This DevTweet column by @mariannerd and @aahoogendoorn is published in SDN Magazine, December 2009. @aahoogendoorn Where are you???? 🙂 @mariannerd I’m here. How was Vegas? @aahoogendoorn #SPC09 was great! Great conference! Good sessions, good speakers and wow… The SharePoint community is enthusiastic! Loved it! @mariannerd So we can finally deliver actual applications on SharePoint? Would it be a good idea […]

Client/service architecture. Domain driven development in the distributed era. Episode IV

Go to episode three. Go to episode two. Go to episode one. In case you’re wondering why doesn’t this dude come to his point, you’ve probably missed it. I’ve made it already. The point is: you should always have a single point of truth, and at most have it reproduced on the server side. Which in most cases you don’t […]