My weekly thoughts on Twitter

  • Preparing my slides for my talk on Wednesday at the Landelijk Architectuur Congres #LAC2009. #
  • RT: @brada: RT @haacked My team (ASP.NET) is looking for another Program Manager. >> Cool job! Too bad it's in Redmond #
  • Just bought Nirvana – Live at Reading #MyMusic. #
  • Now back to my slide deck for Thursday's whole day seminar on architectures, frameworks and patters in .NET in Hilversum. Updated program. #
  • Would have loved to add dynamic in C# to the program, but would have to install way too much stuff for that. Christmas holidays soon…. #
  • Does anybody know the dates for TechEd Europe 2010 yet? Need it for planning other events… #
  • Just finalized my slide deck for my presentation at the #LAC2009 conference this afternoon. @tbroek Just-in-time! #
  • Trying to install iPassConnect on my new Acer tablet-netbook.. #
  • Finally on my way to #LAC2009. #
  • Always thought that with the coming of age I would like enterprise architecture more. Guess I'm still not old enough. #
  • Did a talk on smart use cases at architecture conference. #LAC2009. Feedback ok. #
  • Got "interesting" question. "Do smart use cases allow you 2 identify services you don't know yet, but might need in the future?" #
  • Got "interesting" question. "Do smart use cases allow you 2 identify services you don't know yet, but might need i.. #
  • Now working on my demo's for tomorrows one-day seminar on architecture, frameworks and patterns in .NET. Trying out Unity Application Block. #
  • RT: @mkempers: @aahoogendoorn From experience I know smart use cases help 2 identify service you don't know yet. #
  • On my way to Hilversum to do seminar on software architecture, frameworks and patterns in .NET. Now including .NET RIA. #
  • Playing Biffy Clyro's new Only Revolutions album in my car. Loud. Love it! #MyMusic #
  • Seminar on software architecture, frameworks, pattern, MVC, Silverlight, ADF, .NET RIA Services, dependency injection in Hilversum went ok. #
  • Great! The Capgemini Capping IT Off blog (to which I am a contributor) has won ComputerWeekly's IT Blog Awards 2009! #
  • Just ordered Rammstein – Liebe ist fur alle da #MyMusic. #
  • #MusicForDevelopers RAMstein – Mutter-board. #
  • RT: @liebebot: RT @aahoogendoorn: Just ordered Rammstein – Liebe ist fur alle da #MyMusic>> See if I can get a circular dependency with bot. #
  • #TvForDevelopers. CSS Miami. #
  • Both @trboek and @avbart by train to work this morning for a project release (not same project). Why can't this be done on a Friday? #
  • Trying the new HelloTxt version. Not sure I like this. #
  • Just bought new Alice in Chains album – Black gives way to blue #MyMusic #
  • RT: I like your convention @RSessions: When you RT, what is the protocol to say you have edited for space? I have been using [..] #
  • I just generated my #TweetCloud out of a year of my tweets. Top three words: smart, agile, blog – #

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