December 1, 2009. Talk “An introduction to agile SAP SOA”

Customer presentation, Eindhoven.

After Twan van den Broek (of Ciber) and I succesfully applied a great mix of agile software development processes and techniques, including Scrum, Smart, smart use cases, smart estimation in probably the first agile SAP SOA projects in the Netherlands, we’ve held several talks on the subject at conferences and seminars, including an agile conference, the SOA Symposium and the LAC.


For tomorrow one of Capgemini’s larger customers asked me to do a talk on the subjects for their traditional SAP community – including a number of Capgemini collaegues. So I’ve set up slide deck which contain more or less the same subjects as my talk at the Landelijk Architectuur Congres (LAC) last week.

Subjects tomorrow will include:

  • Service oriented architecture
  • Challenges in service orientation
  • SAP is an island
  • From waterfall to agile
  • Why waterfall won’t work
  • What does it mean to be agile?
  • Mixing Smart and Scrum
  • Agile requirements
  • Mapping business processes
  • Smart use cass
  • Modeling services in smart use cases
  • Estimating smart use cases
  • Running agile SAP SOA projects
  • Lessons learned

Next steps for Twan and me? We are starting to set up the document map for a book on the subject. The slides I’ve produced for tomorrow’s talk might very well be guiding the table of contents. First appointment: next week. To be continued…

3 thoughts on “December 1, 2009. Talk “An introduction to agile SAP SOA”

  1. Can't wait to see / experience your presentation.
    Agile is a development methodology, however prooving that the product being developed also meets the requirements is another aspect of software development which i asume is not yet covered.

    1. It is covered! After every iteration/sprint you demo the delivered functionality to the product owner. There you get the immediate feedback whether you are still on track with customers expectations.
      The shorter your iterations are, the more feedback you will receive, the better your product will meet the expected result.

  2. Hi Sander,

    If it is possible, could you please send the slide deck to email account above.


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