Please vote for my Microsoft Mix 2011 proposals!

From April 12-14 the next edition of Microsoft’s MIX Conference will take place in Las Vegas. I’ve sent in two proposals for the Open Call. Today heard that both proposals made it through the first cut, which means they’re open for public voting (you don’t have to be registered). It would be great if you would cast your vote for my proposals on how smart use case can drive web development, and on how frameworks can kill your projects.


Proposed talk 1: How smart use cases can drive ASP.NET web development

Use cases have been around for many years describing the requirements of software development projects. By developers, use cases are often seen as too abstract and too complex to develop code from. That is, until now.

During this interactive talk speaker Sander Hoogendoorn will demonstrate how to model, generate and build smart use cases. This great technique allows projects to model use cases at a much more pragmatic, and low-granular level, that can be implemented straightforward and directly into our applications, such as ASP.NET or Silverlight web application. The speaker will introduce both the positive impact smart use cases have on your layered software architecture, as well as the design patterns required to implement smart use cases. This talk comes with many real-life code examples.

Proposed talk 2: How frameworks can kill your projects

When it comes to .Net development, more and more frameworks enter the market. Both from Microsoft and from open source. think of ASP.NET MVC, Castle, WF, Entity Framework, Unity, Linq2SQL, ADO.NET Data Services, WCF, nHibernate, Spring.NET, CSLA, NUnit, Enterprise Library or ADF.

Once a project chooses to apply one or more frameworks, trouble begins. What if you require features that aren’t implemented in the framework? What if you decide that another framework would have been better and want to switch halfway your project? What if the author of your favorite open source framework suddenly stops developing? What if the framework contains bugs or omissions? And what if a new version of the framework is released that is implemented totally different? These and many more everyday problems will cause your project to come to a halt, or at least make you perform serious refactoring.

During this highly interactive talk Sander Hoogendoorn, chief architect of Capgemini?s agile Accelerated Delivery Platform, and member of Microsoft?s Partner Advisory Council .NET, demonstrates pragmatic architectures and patterns that will help your projects to stay away from framework issues, and how to keep code independent of framework choices. Sander will present models of layered architectures, and apply bridge patterns, managers-providers, dependency injection, descriptors, and layer super-types.

Of course, the speaker will illustrate these insightful patterns with lots of demo?s and (bad) code examples using blocks from Microsoft?s Enterprise Library, NHibernate, Log4Net, and the Entity Framework. Delegates benefit by learning how to improve the structure and quality of their software architecture and code, and how to avoid the pitfalls of applying frameworks to .Net software development.

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