Ordina Agile Achitecture Event (Nieuwegein, Netherlands. February 2015)

Nieuwegein, Netherlands. February 2015. My former employer Ordina is organizing an nightly free event with agile architecture as the main topic. During this event, which will take place February 5, I will do the closing talk, taking about an hour to discuss microservices. Read more and register at: http://www.ordina.nl/nl-nl/evenementen/20150205—sa-kennissessie-agile-architectuur/ Ttitle an topic for my talk will likely be the following. […]

Microservices. The good, the bad and the ugly

Back in 1988, when I was first employed by a company for writing software, the world was fairly simple. The development environment we had was character-based, the database was integrated and traversed with cursors, and we built a whole new administrative system covering everything but the kitchen sink. It took us five years to complete the project, basically because the […]

Going independent!

Today is my birthday, a good day for some big news. As of February 1, I will continue my career as an independent consultant; as a mentor, trainer, coach, software architect, developer, writer, speaker, using the company name ditisagile.nl (after the Dutch title of my latest book This Is Agile). Over the past decade, in my roles as Principal Technology Officer […]

Presenting two agile training courses at COAS

October 26, Stellendam, The Netherlands – Presented two editions of my agile training course, covering waterfall, agile, agile requirements, agile estimation, Kanban, flow oriented development at COAS Software in Stellendam, The Netherlands including my dice flow and Chicago estimation exercises. Results from the dice flow exercise

DevDay (Helsinki, Finland. October 2014. Keynote)

Helsinki, Finland. October 2014. Presented the closing keynote for this Capgemini DevDay software development event. Delivered a new talk about designing and building micro-services and micro-applications in an enterprise landscape, using smart use cases. The organizers have captured the feedback from my 90 minutes closing talk. Here it is: “Gave a lot to think about for when we’ll next have […]

ASAS (Arnhem, Netherlands. September 2014)

Arnhem, The Netherlands. September 2014. The mission of the ASAS symposium is to fulfill the need for a dynamic platform for software architects. This platform is a place from where software architects, developers, requirements engineers and information analysts can share knowledge, discuss software architecture and meet their peers. During this third edition of ASAS I delivered a talk on pragmatic […]

InfoQ publishes Q&A on This Is Agile

Utrecht. August 22 – On August 19 international IT website InfoQ published a short, provocative Q&A between Ben Linders and me on the topic of my book This Is Agile. This Q&A even made it to the front page of InfoQ. During the Q&A Ben asked me questions that came up in his mind after reading This Is Agile (the […]

InfoQ publishes write-up around Failing Fast

Wroclaw. July 5 – Leading IT news website infoq.com just published a short write up around my previous blog post titled Failing Fast on their news page. And yes, InfoQ also mentions my book This Is Agile. 🙂 You will be able to read the write up here: http://www.infoq.com/news/2014/07/fail-fast-learn-fast?utm_campaign=infoq_content&utm_source=infoq&utm_medium=feed&utm_term=global. My original blog post titled Failing Fast resides here: http://sanderhoogendoorn.com/blog/index.php/failing-fast/

PAM Summit (Krakow, Poland. June 2014. Keynote)

Krakow, Poland. June 22014 PAM Summit is an international conference organized in Kraków (Poland) by PMI PC Kraków Branch and IIBA Poland Chapter. The aim of this conference is to exchange experiences between people not only working on projects but also interested in Business Analysis and Project Management. The organizers have invited me to do one of the keynotes. I […]

Agile Record publishes Failing Fast

Berlin, May 30 – Germany based online magazine Agile Record just published my article Failing Fast, which investigates success and failure in agile projects. You will be able to read this article on my personal website, or alternatively at www.agilerecord.com/failing-fast. For my other article in Agile Record, you might also read www.agilerecord.com/authors/sander-hoogendoorn.