The Hague, Netherlands. December 16, 2015. Introduction to agile, Scrum, Kanban and continuous delivery (Siemens, in-house)

This open one-day on workshop will present a real-life introduction to waterfall, agile, Scrum, Kanban and even continuous delivery. Participants experience why waterfall won’t work and what it means to be in an agile project, independent of which agile approach to use. I will walk through a lot of topics during the day and will also do a number of eye-opening exercises with the participants.

  • Why waterfall won’t work, and should have never existed
  • How does agile really work?
  • Agile principles and best practices
  • Where does the backlog come from?
  • Managing requirements in agile projects
  • User stories and smart use cases
  • Should you estimate in agile projects?
  • Absolute versus relative estimation?
  • Agile approaches compared
  • Scrum, Smart, Kanban
  • Assembling your own agile approach

Of course, all topics come with good and bad examples from my fifteen years of experience in coaching and running agile projects. I have presented this workshop over fifty times already, both in-house and through various independent organizers.