Vienna, Austria. January 18, 2016. Masterclass smart use cases

Next to the keynote at the Software Quality Days conference in Vienna, I will run a half-day masterclass on structuring agile requirements using smart use cases

One of the important and often underestimated aspects of agile and Scrum projects is how to deal with requirements. Where does the backlog actually come from? Many projects rely solely on user stories. However, with more complex agile projects in large organizations, a more structured approach might lead to better results.

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During this half day workshop Sander Hoogendoorn, independent consultant, CTO at Klaverblad Insurances and international speaker and author, will illustrate a different model of working with requirements in agile projects. Sander will also elaborate on business processes, different levels of requirements, smart use cases, presenting a more structured approach to use cases.

Participants will learn different aspects of working with smart use cases in agile projects and the speaker will address the following topics:

  • Deriving agile requirements from business processes
  • An eye-opening straightforward model of different levels of requirements for agile projects
  • Introducing the OTOPOP principles
  • Modeling smart use cases
  • How smart use cases can populate your backlogs
  • Implementing smart use cases in sprints, using Kanban boards and a leading definition-of-done