Agile testing in everyday practice

This morning I proposed the following talk for the EuroSTAR 2009 Conference in Stockholm. Sounds ok, doesn’t it? See EuroSTAR Conference 2009.

In the current economic situation pressure rises on software development projects. Shorter time-to-market and cost cutting do not contribute to the quality of the project. More and more organizations now turn to applying agile processes, such as Scrum, Smart or XP, to overcome these challenges. Although in most agile processes testers do not have a formal role, and unit testing is mainly a developers best practice, testing is vital in order to be able to execute agile projects successfully.

Speaker Sander Hoogendoorn is responsible for Capgemini’s agile Accelerated Delivery Platform and originator of the agile process Smart. In this process testers and testing play an important role, that is very different to testing in traditional projects. Testers are involved from day one in the project, and co-responsible for delivering the analysis and design in agile projects. This approach has proven to be of great benefit to agile projects in different environments, such as .Net, Java, SharePoint and SAP.

pair testing

During this lively talk Sander will briefly introduce agile key principles and best practices, elaborate on the vital but very different role of testers in agile and Smart projects, how to implement testing as an integral part of everyday agile projects, on how testers collaborate with other roles (such as customers or developers) in these projects from day one, and he will show how testers participate in analysis and design as part of the test process. This challenging talk is illustrated with many examples from real life projects and it will motivate participants to take a pro-active role in agile projects.

Key points

  • Learn how agile testing can play an integral and crucial role in agile projects
  • Find out how testers can participate pro-actively in agile projects from day one
  • Learn testing best practices and examples from everyday agile projects