Spring 2010 speaking engagements

Again doing a lot of talks this spring on a wide range of subjects, from new technology, via enterprise agile to model driven development, but also about smart use cases, domain driven design, UML, and software architectures, design patterns, frameworks and .NET. This season’s highlights? Not a difficult choice: doing talks both at Microsoft DevDays and TechEd North America is […]

Agile testing in everyday practice

This morning I proposed the following talk for the EuroSTAR 2009 Conference in Stockholm. Sounds ok, doesn’t it? See EuroSTAR Conference 2009. In the current economic situation pressure rises on software development projects. Shorter time-to-market and cost cutting do not contribute to the quality of the project. More and more organizations now turn to applying agile processes, such as Scrum, […]

Bite the bullet

Mensen die mij al langer kennen, weten het inmiddels. Ik heb wel iets met presenteren. Al zolang ik het me kan herinneren. In mijn lossy geheugen staan in elk geval presentaties gegrift die tenminste dateren van twee decennia, drie werkgevers en zo’n tweehonderd klanten geleden. En ook toen al vond ik het leuk om te presenteren. Zo nu en dan […]