October 22, 2009. Talk. “Mission impossible? Applying Agile to the World of SOA and ERP”

International SOA Symposium, World Trade Center, Rotterdam. (www.soasymposium.com)

On October 22 and 23, 2009 the second international SOA Symposium will take place at the World Trade Center in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Just coming out of a highly successful agile SAP service oriented project (likely the first in it’s type in the Netherlands or even a wider area), Twan van den broek (of Ciber) and I thought it would be a good idea to share our experiences at the SOA Symposium. And so did the organisation.

Twan and I wil do an inspiring talk on agile SOA projects on the first day; next we will both feature a panel discussion, and on the 23rd I will do a talk on how to model services using smart use cases, which works really fine!

Check out the conference description for this talk.

Mission impossible? Applying Agile to the World of SOA and ERP

Applying agile processes and techniques is not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of implementing ERP in a service-oriented architecture.


However, following new groundbreaking measures will enable you to introduce agile processes, principles and techniques in a waterfall-centric organization and development platform.

During this highly interactive session Sander Hoogendoorn and Twan van den Broek will show how the worlds of agile and ERP meet in a complex service-oriented project. After illustrating the complexity of both organization and project, its environment and the underlying service-oriented ERP technology, Twan and Sander demonstrate how agile processes (Scrum and Smart) and techniques (using smart use cases, dashboards, workshops) can be leveraged.

October 22, 2009 – 14:15

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