SDC (Arnhem, Netherlands. October 2009)

Shaping service oriented projects using smart use cases

SDC Conference, Papendal, Arnhem (

Next week the annual SDC conference will take place at Papendal, Arnhem. As usual the organising SDN community has put together a long list of international appraised speakers, and challenging subjects on the matter of software development and software architecture.

Smart use-case model - Verlengen VDU

A bit to my surprise, this year I was invited to do 3 talks, with very different subjects: Silverlight and code generation, smart use cases in service oriented projects, and .NET extension methods.

My talk on smart use cases will deal with the difficulties service oriented projects have, how identifying and modeling smart use cases from a variety of sources can help, and how to model and estimate services in a service oriented environment using smart use cases. Alas, no code!

Service orientation and smart use cases

The SDC website refers to my talk on smart use cases as follows:

Although many organizations apply service oriented architecture at the core of their software development efforts, executing such projects is hard. There are many different stakeholders, even external to the organization. And then there are many different types of deliverables.

Legacy code needs to be wrapped, services need to be identified and defined, workflow needs to be modeled, user interface navigation decided, cloud computing needs to be researched. And if that wasn’t enough to make a grown man sweat, try estimating the size and complexity of these often multi man month projects.

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