Vienna, Austria. January 18, 2016. Masterclass smart use cases

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Next to the keynote at the Software Quality Days conference in Vienna, I will run a half-day masterclass on structuring agile requirements using smart use cases One of the important and often underestimated aspects of agile and Scrum projects is how to deal with requirements. Where does the backlog actually come from? Many projects rely solely on user stories. However, […]

A book on pragmatic software architecture, patterns and frameworks?

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One of the major items on my wish list – that is on the professional half of it – is to write a book that displays my ideas on software architecture, patterns and frameworks. Yes I know, there are many books on software architecture, and there are many books that explain patterns, and yes there also are a lot of […]

Een introductie in agile business intelligence [in Dutch]

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Om kosten te besparen, een veelgenoemde aanleiding voor Business Intelligence (BI) projecten, wilde een bekende overheidsinstantie weten hoe effectief de bestrijding van uitkeringsfraude was. Hierbij speelde een interessant fenomeen. Het onderzoeken van mogelijke fraude kost de instantie geld, maar het vinden van fraudeurs levert daarentegen direct geld op. En dus ging men op zoek naar de optimale verhouding tussen het […]

De uiterste houdbaarheidsdatum van requirements

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Vorige week gaf ik – voor de zoveelste keer – training in het identificeren en modelleren van smart use cases. Dit keer bevond ik me in de hippe ruimtes van Meeting Plaza Utrecht, boven het altijd sfeervolle Hoog Catharijne. Tijdens de goed verzorgde lunch werd het onderwerp al snel bepaald door de uiterste houdbaarheidsdatum. Van levensmiddelen, maar meer nog, van […]

Avatar, reuse and model driven software development

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Last week my daughter Sam (13), her friend Joey and I went to see the movie Avatar in 3D at the IMAX theatre in Rotterdam. Following up on the hype and reading reviews I just got curious. Especially after reading an interview with director James Cameron, who previously directed Aliens and Titanic. Being more than interested in model driven software […]

Serviceorientatie vormgeven met smart use cases [In Dutch]

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This post was originally written to be published as a chapter in an upcoming book on IT architecture. The book will be presented at the Landelijk Architectuur Congres 2009 in Nieuwegein, The Netherlands. This post will likely also be published in two parts in Software Release Magazine. Ondanks dat ik inmiddels al zo’n twintig jaar in dit vakgebied rondloop, blijven […]

Amsterdam, The Netherlands. October 26, 2009. Software development methodologies and techniques through the years (Vrije Universiteit)

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Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam. Earlier this year I was invited by prof. Arno Oosterhaven to do a series of lectures on software development at the post-doctoral program IT Auditor at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. The audience of IT Auditors is very mixed, ranging from accountants to actual software developers, which makes it difficult to address all interests of the students. […]

International SOA Symposium (Rotterdam, Netherlands. October 2009)

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International SOA Symposium, World Trade Center, Rotterdam. ( On October 22 and 23, 2009 the second international SOA Symposium will take place at the World Trade Center in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Just coming out of a highly successful agile SAP service oriented project (likely the first in it’s type in the Netherlands or even a wider area), Twan van den […]

Hilversum, The Netherlands. September 30 – October 1, 2009. Workshop pragmatic modelling with UML (Array Seminars)

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Array Seminars, Amrâth Hotel Lapershoek, Hilversum I will present an intense two day workshop in Hilversum that follows the pragmatic modeling approach presented in my book with the same title. During this highly interactive workshop participants will learn how the various modeling techniques from UML and beyond connect. Learn everything about (smart) use cases and start working directly with UML […]

Pragmatic model driven development. Part II. A pragmatic approach

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  Note. This series of posts is also published as a Capgemini group white paper and published in Software Release Magazine (in Dutch, in two parts). In projects that are executed using the Accelerated Delivery Platform, Capgemini’s open knowledge platform for agile software development, a lightweight, pragmatic approach to model driven development is used. This approach can be expressed in […]

Trojan rigidity. Agile anti-patterns (I)

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One of the characteristics of most traditional – linear, waterfall – styled organizations is the extremely rigid execution of their software development projects . “Our handbook says we need to fill in this form, so that’s what we do guys.” People is these projects live by the blind assumption that whoever invented or wrote down their software development process knew […]

Nice feedback on workshop Pragmatic modeling using UML [in Dutch]

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Sometimes when you work hard, you’re rewarded with nice feedback. Did a two-day workshop in Antwerp, Belgium two weeks ago, and received the following feedback from one of the participant. Really heart-warming. Sander Hoogendoorn is een zeer vlotte spreker met een zeer brede kennis in zowel agile als traditionele software ontwikkelmethodieken, software architectuur, design patterns, modelering, UML, model driven software […]