A book on pragmatic software architecture, patterns and frameworks?

One of the major items on my wish list – that is on the professional half of it – is to write a book that displays my ideas on software architecture, patterns and frameworks. Yes I know, there are many books on software architecture, and there are many books that explain patterns, and yes there also are a lot of […]

Antwerp, Belgium. November 25-26, 2010. Pragmatic modeling using UML (IT Works)

[Two day hands-on workshop at IT Works, Hotel Crowne Plaza, Antwerp. ] On November 25 and 26 I will present the 32th edition of an intense two-day workshop on the pragmatic use of UML modeling techniques (and beyond) with lots of hands-on exercises. Participants modeling activity diagrams with smart use cases During this workshops we will go through the following […]

Being Smart in enterprise agile

As agile is becoming more and more mainstream, organization are starting to do enterprise software development project using well-known but fairly basic lightweight agile processes.   In many projects this has lead to surprisingly bad result, baffling the agile Certified Pokémon Trainers who are coaching these projects. The presentation below shows a number of accelerators or technique that projects can […]

Spring 2010 speaking engagements

Again doing a lot of talks this spring on a wide range of subjects, from new technology, via enterprise agile to model driven development, but also about smart use cases, domain driven design, UML, and software architectures, design patterns, frameworks and .NET. This season’s highlights? Not a difficult choice: doing talks both at Microsoft DevDays and TechEd North America is […]

October 19. Talk. “Silverlight, .NET RIA Services and code generation”

SDC Conference, Papendal, Arnhem (www.sdc.nl) Next week the annual SDC conference will take place at Papendal, Arnhem. As usual the organising SDN community has put together a long list of international appraised speakers, and challenging subjects on the matter of software development and software architecture.   A bit to my surprise, this year I was invited to do 3 talks, […]

Antwerp, Belgium. October 8-9, 2009. Workshop pragmatic modeling using UML and beyond (IT Works)

IT Works, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Antwerp, Belgium I will present an intense two day workshop in the Crowne Plaza in Antwerp. During this workshop I follow the pragmatic modeling approach presented in my book with the same title. During this highly interactive workshop participants will learn how the various modeling techniques from UML and beyond connect. Learn everything about (smart) […]

Apeldoorn, The Netherlands. October 5, 2009. Pragmatic model driven development (Capgemini)

Capgemini BAS, Faustlaan, Apeldoorn. With Capgemini BAS joining Capgemini in 2009, some new initiatiaves in model driven development opened up, more particularly, hoping I’ve interpreted it correctly, based on naterual language. I discussed this initiative in June with Freek Bosch, manager of the unit where this natueral langauge based approach originated. During the same inspriing conversation I illustrated the pragmaitc […]

Writing better software faster

Published in my Interesting Things column in SDN Magazine, November 2009. Looking back on twenty years of software development, I must have spent most of that time trying to improve the quality and productivity of software development. Ever since I started to write small applications in Turbo Pascal in 1988 I got infected with the writing-better-software-faster virus. Right after I […]

Pragmatic model driven development. Part III. Creating the domain model

Note. This series of posts is also published as a Capgemini group white paper and published in Software Release Magazine (in Dutch, in two parts). The next step towards generated code, and other deliverables, is to create the domain model for the project. Next to the smart use cases, that capture the desired behavior, the domain model provides a structural […]

Pragmatic model driven development. Part II. A pragmatic approach

  Note. This series of posts is also published as a Capgemini group white paper and published in Software Release Magazine (in Dutch, in two parts). In projects that are executed using the Accelerated Delivery Platform, Capgemini’s open knowledge platform for agile software development, a lightweight, pragmatic approach to model driven development is used. This approach can be expressed in […]

Pragmatic model driven development. Part I. Code generation scenario’s

Note. This series of posts is also published as a Capgemini group white paper and published in Software Release Magazine (in Dutch, in two parts). With the economy at a low point in time, organizations and project are clearly resetting their goals. Long term multimillion projects are being halted, in favor of short, agile projects, with feasible goals and good […]

Devnology Meeting (Utrecht, The Netherlands. September 2009. Panel)

Devnology Meeting, Atos Origin, Utrecht. On September 3, the Devnology community will organize a panel discussion on model driven development. The panel will consist of a number of expert from both practical and academic backgrounds. As you might have guessed, I’m a member of the panel – albeit probably not from the academic view point, although very interesting of course. […]

June 2009

My talks in June 2009. June 3. Agile software development in everyday practice. Full-day seminar on doing agile projects for IT Works, Hotel Pullman, Diegem, Belgium. With guest speaker Stefaan van Royen, Mediamine. See www.itworks.be. June 9. Pragmatic .Net development. Full-day seminar on software architectures and patterns for .Net software development for Array Seminars, .NBC Nieuwegein. See www.arrayseminars.nl. June 15 […]

Implementing smart use cases in agile projects

Guest lecture Hogeschool Utrecht, January 13, 2009 When asked who to invite for presenting a guest lecture, the students of the Hogeschool specifically requested for Sander. My lecture will be titled Implementing smart use cases in agile projects. Process, techniques, architecture and patterns. During this very interactive lecture Sander will speed through a wide variety of subjects, such as agile […]

Some of my talks in 2008

Smart use cases. Past present and future Keynote at Smart Use Case Conference, Capgemini Conference Center, Utrecht, Netherlands, May 28, 2008 Capgemini has organized an inspiring conference on the subjects of smart use cases. This event took place at Capgemini’s conference center in Utrecht. The large number of delegates witnessed talks on smart use cases, smart estimation, smart use cases […]

Some of my talks in 2007

Pragmatic model driven development .Net using use cases Guest lecture at Hogeschool InHolland, Alkmaar, Netherlands. December 21, 2007 Informal guest lecture for students graduating this year. Likely subjects are software architecture, patterns, modeling and implementing smart use cases. Project anti-patterns Talk at Javapolis, Antwerp, Belgium. December 12, 2007 Presented my well known talk on project anti-patterns at Javapolis, the biggest […]

The days are just packed. My talks in May and June 2009

The months May and June are notorious for the number of talks – as Rick van der Lans describes: May and June are speaker’s season. Just to remind me not to forget any of my upcoming talks, here’s a list: May 12. Project estimation with smart use cases. At Capgemini, Utrecht. Presentation at internal software estimation seminar for Community of […]

Slide deck on Pragmatic model driven development at J-Spring

Model driven development has a promise of high productivity. However, many approaches fail to deliver. Sander Hoogendoorn (Capgemini) and Rody Middelkoop (Avisi) will present a very pragmatic approach to model driven development, based on modeling smart use cases and domain models in UML. The speakers elaborate enthusiastically on this approach and the techniques used, and they will model and generate […]

J-Spring (Bussum, Netherlands. April 2009)

Today Rody Middelkoop, senior technology consultant at Avisi and lecturer at the HAN and I will do an amusing talk at the J-Spring Conference in Bussum on model driven development, using a highly pragmatic approach. Talk includes a live demo where we will build a Java web application on stage in a few minutes (the build process will likely take […]

Outline for new pragmatic book on smart use cases

We (my team and I and a lot of people that contributed from projects) have been working on the concept of smart use cases on and off over the last ten years. I think it was back in 1998 that we coincidentally started modeling use cases at bit different than was custom, in a workflow oriented project. We not only […]

Pragmatic model driven development in Java with smart use cases and domain driven design

In our Accelerated Delivery Platform we generate code from our standardized smart use cases and the domain model, using our Tobago MDA tooling. See www.accelerateddeliveryplatform.com for more details. In our daily practice we generate for a variety of architectures in the .Net space. For instance, we apply our own frameworks, or combine these with open source frameworks such as nHibernate, […]

Application migration using smart use cases and a model driven development approach

Application migration is the process of migrating older applications (often referred to as legacy) to application that have more of less similar functionality, but are developed in newer technology. Application migration has proven to be a crucial but very hard part of software development over the years. Key to such projects is: Automated migration is hardly ever possible. It is […]

So much to write, so little time

It’s too bad there’s only 24 hours in a day. There are so many ideas in my head that I still have to write down, that I have to make a (short) list now to keep my head from exploding. So here it is: White paper on how to do agile SAP projects using smart use cases. Article on applying […]

Javapolis (Antwerp, Belgium. November 2007)

This is the video from Parlays.com that presents the talk I gave at the last JavaPolis conference in Antwerp, Belgium. During the talk I ask myself the question how everybody in their own role can attribute to making our project fail, as it is far too complicated to make your projects succeed. The talk presents popular anti-patterns I’ve gathered over […]

Guest lecture Hogeschool Utrecht on implementing smart use cases in agile projects

On January 13 from 14:30 – 16:00 the Hogeschool Utrecht organizes a guest lecture by Sander Hoogendoorn, Principal Technology Officer at Capgemini. When asked who to invite for presenting a guest lecture, the students of the Hogeschool specifically requested for Sander. His lecture will be titled Implementing smart use cases in agile projects. Process, techniques, architecture and patterns. During this […]

Increasing the productivity of software development

Earlier this week I presented a talk at the inspiring Software Developers Conference 2008 in Noordwijkerhout, the Netherlands. My talk had an inspiring, or at least intriguing title: How to keep our jobs. Why? Well, let me share some thoughts on the productivity of software development projects. A 100-fold Recent research by Gartner shows that the productivity of software development […]

Talk on DevDays 2008 combining smart use cases, model driven development, software architecture, Silverlight and WCF

At the last Microsoft DevDays Conference (2008) in Amsterdam I did a talk (sorry, it’s in Dutch) that covered a lot of subjects, including software architecture, agile software development, dependency injection, domain modeling, smart use cases, Silverlight, WCF, model driven development, Tobago MDA, our Accelerated Delivery Platform and a lot of other stuff that I can’t remember (getting old). In […]