Working software over proce$$es and fools

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Quite frequently people in agile (and non-agile) projects or at conferences and workshops come up to me and ask me what tooling they should use. “Which online agile dashboard tooling do you recommend us?”, “What is the best code repository?” or even “We are doing a Scrum project. Are we allowed to use a UML modeling tools such as Enterprise […]

Offshore Agile Software Development: A Practical Guide to Making It Work

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In my previous post, I explored how offshore Agile software development offers many benefits over more traditional, Waterfall style approaches, but only if some of the obvious difficulties in communication, overheads and language issues are addressed. So how do organizations overcome those difficulties to make offshore Agile work? Over many years at Capgemini, we have gained experience with distributed Agile […]

How Smart Use Cases Can Drive Web Development. Video for session at DevDays 2011 [in Dutch]

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as the Channel 9 website says: using real-life code examples Sander will demonstrate how to model, generate and build smart use cases and introduce the positive impact smart use cases have on your layered software architecture. Anyway, here’s the video for my DevDays 2011 session:

Capgemini TechEd (Utrecht, Netherlands. March 2011. Keynote)

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[Talk at Capgemini TechEd, March 1 at Capgemini, Papendorp, Utrecht] Due to illness of one of the speakers I did an additional talk at the Capgemini TechEd. I presented my successful talk on software architecture and frameworks, please check the video below, which was shot during the Microsoft TechEd Europe conference in Berlin in November 2010. When it comes to […]

January 28, 2011 – Capgemini, Munich. An introduction to the Accelerated Delivery Platform (ADP)

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[Long video-talk at Capgemini in Munich for several Capgemini offices in Germany and Poland] Because I was in Munich anyway, Capgemini was so kind to invite to present a 2 hours talk introducing the accelerators of our agile software development platform, called the Accelerated Delivery Platform (ADP). During this talk I discussed the effects of enterprise and service oriented aspects […]

Sander’s talk at TechEd US 2010. How frameworks can kill your projects and patterns to prevent getting killed

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Last week, the Microsoft TechEd North America 2010 took place in the great city of New Orleans. I was lucky to be invited to do a talk on how frameworks can kill your projects. When it comes to Microsoft .NET-connected development, more and more frameworks enter the market. Both from Microsoft and from open source. Think of ASP.NET MVC, Castle, […]

Javapolis (Antwerp, Belgium. November 2007)

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This is the video from that presents the talk I gave at the last JavaPolis conference in Antwerp, Belgium. During the talk I ask myself the question how everybody in their own role can attribute to making our project fail, as it is far too complicated to make your projects succeed. The talk presents popular anti-patterns I’ve gathered over […]

Talk on DevDays 2008 combining smart use cases, model driven development, software architecture, Silverlight and WCF

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At the last Microsoft DevDays Conference (2008) in Amsterdam I did a talk (sorry, it’s in Dutch) that covered a lot of subjects, including software architecture, agile software development, dependency injection, domain modeling, smart use cases, Silverlight, WCF, model driven development, Tobago MDA, our Accelerated Delivery Platform and a lot of other stuff that I can’t remember (getting old). In […]